5 thoughts on “Whew! Thank goodness…

  1. Hey Rob,

    I just needed a break from blogging for a bit. It was starting to feel more like a chore than a fun pastime, and I wanted to focus on other things for a bit offline. I’ll be picking up the reins of the Cheapass Challenge this week and through the month of October as I’ve been in a holding pattern in terms of fat loss progress this month as I’ve been trying to improve my running time for my 5k this Saturday.

    It was just a little too difficult to work on running while eating some 800 calories below maintenance every day. I have much respect for figure competitors who diet like this time after time, year after year.

  2. OK, I love your blog, but I gotta keep you honest here Maggie.

    I thought there were no excuses in the Cheap Ass Challenge? Maggie preached that “too expensive”, “no time”, “no longer fun” were the excuses of the undisciplined masses, and the CAC would show the world there are no excuses?

    “It became a chore”…an excuse.

    The internet keeps you accountable…no charge 😀

  3. Hey, we are all human–even me–believe it or not! 😉 When will all of you nags post YOUR photos every week and start making daily posts?

    BTW, how is Burn and Feed going for you, Phil?

  4. Sorry to bust your chops Maggie :mad2:, but you seem like a tough love kinda person, and you were on your soapbox. Should be some insight there though…we are all human. 💡

    Burn and Feed is going well. Its allowing me to stop losing mass and start putting it some muscle…still pretty lean though, but hey, I’m really a runner. I follow Berardi’s recommendation to add complex carbs during workout (Myoplex shake) and immediately after (Muscle Milk Oats).

    Glad you’re back! 🙂


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