How to be a Boglehead

It’s time for another multi-blog personal finance feature! This month 23 personal finance blogs around the web will be reviewing The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing by Larimore, Lindauer, and LeBoeuf. A different blogger will tackle each chapter and post an overview and their thoughts on the chapter each weekday. I’ll post a daily link to each chapter in my sidebar to the left, but here’s an overview of the chapters and hosting blogs.

Check back during the week for a link to the daily chapter review!

Monday, October 2
CHAPTER 1 – Choose a Sound Financial Lifestyle

Tuesday, October 3
CHAPTER 2 – Start Early and Invest Regularly

Wednesday, October 4
CHAPTER 3 – Know What You’re Buying Part 1

Thursday, October 5
CHAPTER 4 – Know What You’re Buying Part 2

Friday, October 6
CHAPTER 5 – Preserving Your Purchasing Power With Inflation Protected Bonds

Monday, October 9
CHAPTER 6 – How Much Do You Need to Save?

Tuesday, October 10
CHAPTER 7 – Keep it Simple

Wednesday, October 11
CHAPTER 8 – Asset Allocation

Thursday, October 12
CHAPTER 9 – Costs Matter

Friday, October 13
CHAPTER 10 & 11 – Taxes Part 1, Part 2

Monday, October 16
CHAPTER 12 – Diversification

Tuesday, October 17
CHAPTER 13 – Performance Chasing and Market Timing are Hazardous to Your Wealth

Wednesday, October 18
CHAPTER 14 – Savvy Ways to Invest for College

Thursday, October 19
CHAPTER 15 – How to Manage a Windfall Successfully

Friday, October 20
CHAPTER 16 – Do You Need an Advisor?

Monday, October 23
CHAPTER 17 – Track Your Progress and Rebalance When Necessary

Tuesday, October 24
CHAPTER 18 – Tune Out the “Noise”

Wednesday, October 25
CHAPTER 19 – Mastering Your Investments Means Mastering Your Emotions

Thursday, October 26
CHAPTER 20 – Making Your Money Last Longer Than You do

Friday, October 27
CHAPTER 21 – Protect Your Assets by Being Well-Insured

Monday, October 30
CHAPTER 22 – Passing it on When You Pass on

Tuesday, October 31
CHAPTER 23 – You Can do it!

3 thoughts on “How to be a Boglehead

  1. Thanks for the great financial blog links Maggie, great stuff. Hope your 5K went well. Congrats on sticking with the running even though you it isn’t your favorite thing. I’ve run over 40 marathons and I’m not sure I like running, today or ever. I do it as the character in Fearless does Wushu, for discipline and wisdom. And from the discipline and wisdom comes deep meaning and joy. I don’t think you can call it fun, but rewarding, very.


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