Project Runway Finale: Stuff I Want

Last night was the finale of Project Runway Season 3. This may come as a surprise to a lot of you, but PR is one of the few TV programs I bother to watch (aside from CSI, CSI: NY, and Good Eats). I’ve sewn clothing since I taught myself how to use my mother’s machine in middle school and started drawing outfits for my paper dolls (I was scared of real Barbies) when I was 6, so the program is a must-see for me.

I didn’t have any favorites out of the four finalists, but I was generally happy with the collections I saw last night. Uli had the largest number of wearable outfits, but each of the other three designers, including Jeffrey, the winner, had some spiffy threads as well.

I will say that as much as I loved Uli’s clothes, most of her long, flowy dresses only work on tall, skinny gals. Stick this dress on your average 5’4″, size 14 American woman with fluffy arms, and you get a striped muumuu from hell, not a sexy resort-wear gown. Jeffrey and Michael also designed for the tall, thin figure with a lot of skinny pants and tight shorts that would simply not work on 66% of the women now calling themselves American citizens. Laura’s evening wear collection, while not innovative, does seem like it would flatter the largest number of women.

You can check out their full collections using the links above, but here are my favorites from the show:

Uli –
Uli's shirt dress

Michael –

Jeffrey –

Laura –

I’m feeling so inspired right now that I may just try to knock off that shirt dress from Uli’s collection this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Project Runway Finale: Stuff I Want

  1. Just one question about PR remains:

    Jeffrey… did he or didn’t he? 😆

    P.S. Didja get the e-mail about NaNoWriMo I sent through the contact page?

  2. Log in.
    Hover your mouse pinter over the My NaNoWriMo tab then select Writing Buddies.
    Add my username (rsiders) in the box and click add.

  3. I was totally glued to PR this season. :cyclops:I also loved Uli’s collection, but I think Jeffrey’s collection was the most innovative and, perhaps, what the judges were looking for — Yeah, he was moody, but most artists are. I loved Laura’s styling, but I also wanted to see more variety. I was a Michael fan from the get-go but his collection fell short. It seems like he found his best inspiration while in New York. Returning home to work on his collection seemed like a step backwards. I also feel like going out and purchasing a bunch of fabric and sewing something besides pants hems… :prop:

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