Oh My…

I’ve got some major news to share–I’m getting married!

:prop: :shocked: :prop:

Chris and I both took the 30th and 31st off to burn up vacation days, and yesterday we headed out to Wekiwa Springs park for some canoeing, hiking, and eating (of course). The proposal happened on a picnic blanket in the middle of a state park that is home to uncountable legions of gators, wading birds, mosquitoes, giant crickets and turtles after an hour of medium intensity rowing and a BFL-approved chicken quesadilla lunch. It was followed by another hour of rowing against the current and a 1.5 hour hike and run through the 5.3 mile long Volksmarch trail.

It wasn’t super mushy, but you could say that it was just my style.

Alas, Chris wasn’t in Dread Pirate Roberts regalia, but I said yes anyway.

We finished off the day with some seafood and frou frou tropical drinks at Bahama Breeze using my blood donation gift certificates, LOL.

Oh, and I did 30 minutes of YF cardio that morning, too.

This morning I hit the gym for back/bi/ab work with the trainer and 20 minutes of bike sprints. I also drove out to a local jewelry store to pick out a new setting for my ring. It’s a simple solitaire with a yellow gold band that belonged to C’s maternal grandmother that’s at least a size 7 and absurdly loose on my finger. Rita the saleslady kept trying to show me a bunch of girly-girl, bling-heavy settings, but I found a very nifty Art Deco-inspired white gold setting I liked waaaaaaay better, though I sort of cringed and thought, “OMG, this costs as much as a tricked out new laptop computer with an nVidia 7800 256 MB graphics card!” when I saw the price.

I’ll just have to save money by making my own dress for under $200, because, as with kitchen appliances like popcorn poppers and deep fryers, a wedding dress is what my kitchen idol Alton Brown calls a uni-tasker. No uni-tasker item should ever cost $1000 or more, especially a single-use uni-tasker!

Okay, I’m going to get some shoulder work done before dinner with my parents tonight.

Maybe my father will actually come and have dinner with us at our house now that we aren’t just living in sin anymore. ROFLMAO!


22 thoughts on “Oh My…

  1. :claplow::claphigh::claplow::claphigh:
    Sounds like a perfect day, with the possible exception of the mosquitos. Can’t wait to see your thrifty dress!

  2. That is so awesome!!! Congratulations!!
    I feel you on the whole spending all this money for just ONE day deal!! I’m going through that right now and I can’t believe the money people spend on ONE DAY!!!! I would much rather have the monetary equivalent! and I’ll buy cool USEFUL stuff for my place instead.

  3. Thanks everyone! 🙂 Now if only Amazon.com would offer a la carte wedding packages to make this whole planning business efficient and easy… I could put it all on my Amazon Visa and get mad reward points towards more gift certificates!


  4. Congratulations, Maggie!!! :claplow:

    Also, my mom sewed her own wedding dress and it is beautiful and she looked beautiful in it. Her bridesmaids sewed their dresses too, from a pattern and fabric that my mom chose out, but my mom did have to sew a dress for one bridesmaid who had never sewn before. They all looked amazing and saved a lotta $$$ in the process. I would have worn my mom’s wedding dress to my own wedding if she hadn’t been so darn thin!

  5. It’s bad form to congratulate a bride-to-be, so instead I say “Best wishes!”

    If at any point your parents or his parents offer you $1000 for the wedding or $5000 to elope… take the five grand!

  6. That’s huge news! All the best to you and Chris! I bought my dress because I didn’t want my mom to worry about making it. but, in restropsect, I should of had her make it… :cyclops: I’m sure what ever you do will be elegant.

  7. :claphigh:

    As I’ve been telling Mags, I’ve been THRILLED since the annoucement! One might even say giddy as I ponder my list of anecdotes for various speeches. What else are siblings for? :whistle:

  8. congratulations maggie! it seems your amazing frugalness and workout ethic already puts you way ahead of the curve. It’s the two things that almost every bride starts thinking about upon getting engaged. I love the princess bride costumes, they’re inconceivably well done.

  9. :claphigh:
    congrats!!! that’s awesome!!!

    oh, and Chris looks great as the Dread Pirate Roberts 😎

  10. May Maggie have babies quickly. May she look fabulous in her fit preggo physique. May Chris delight in his duty as the man. May we see many pics of Maggie wedding and after!


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