TT Stage 1 W2D4: Day 3 of 5k Training

I just got back from the gym. I am really *not* digging the ~3 miles for 5 days/week 5k training schedule at all. I’m also working legs 4 days per week between TT and my two personal training sessions and doing 2 days of hard bike sprint intervals as part of TT, so you could say that my legs are hating me right now. I absolutely loathe the LISS run days. I don’t like to run 1 mile at a steady pace, let alone three. I’m going to experiment with doing HIIT for a full 5k next week and see if the time is comparable to my LISS stats.


The only bonus is that I am still eating a decent 2200-2400 calories per day, so at least I am not bonking out in the middle of my workouts. Thank goodness tomorrow is just TT with bike sprints. I don’t run again until my 2 mile HIIT on Saturday. :claplow:

I’m on track with food today, though I’ve only had a workout shake so far, but my oats and omelette breakfast are on the table, and I plan to be good today through dinner. It’s my father’s 64th birthday, so that meal might end up being a Chinese buffet trip. And yes, that would be a 10% meal according to Precision Nutrition rules, or a splurge/cheat meal according to all other nutrition plans.

I see a lot of fat loss challenges starting up around the web on January 1st, but I’m kind of glad that I’ll just be focusing on developing a new healthy habit (in my case, this will be integrating flexibility training into my workouts at least twice a week) during that month as part of the Healthy New Habit challenge while working on my 5k training and continuing to keep my calories at true maintenance. There is too much pressure and temporary enthusiasm going on during that month; the flame of motivation always ends up getting snuffed out as quickly as it was lit in the first place. I’ll be in much better shape physically and mentally to take on a cut after the 20th of January.

Leg Circuit with Trainer:
BB Squat (3 x 10-8-6 @ 115 lbs)
DB Jump Lunges/Mary Catherines (3 x 10 @ 10 lbs)
Plie Squats (3 x 10)
Plie Squats Pulse (3 x 10)
DB Burpees (3 x 15-12-10 @ 10 lbs)

3 Mile LISS Run – Treadmill (Avg. 6.3 mph for 29 minutes)

3 thoughts on “TT Stage 1 W2D4: Day 3 of 5k Training

  1. Want to drill my health insurance company about fitness? Apparently they need somebody to smack them over the head with a thing or two.

    Yesterday the 2007 explanation of benefits came in. Within the first few pages they were carrying on about how benefit prices came down 1%, blah,blah,blah. All seemed fine and well until I started reading.

    The frickin’ &^%holes are telling people that they only need to pay 10% on a gastric bypass with a “Preferred surgeon”, but won’t pay for an adult, yearly eye exam. In order to one we have to pay an additional 22.85 a month to be part of this other plan that they apparently pulled from their wide asses!

    In order to get this “deal” on surgery, a person has to be over 18 and have a BMI of 35 or more. There is no requirement for nurtitional support or any of that, so basically we’re paying for people to eat at McDonalds, boxes of doughnuts, ect, because they don’t have to change their eating habits. They can eat all the garbage they want because the insurance company isn’t enforcing that these “candidates” actually take control over what they stuff their faces with! :bite: :grumpy: However, in order for me any other adult that wants to go in for a yearly eye exam which I see ( no pun intended) as a form of prevention, we either pay through the nose for this “new” eye plan or suck it up at the eye doctors office and pay the entire bill.

    One of my New Year’s resolutions was going to be work harder at playing with with others, and I will. I will not however stumble across crap like this and say nothing about it. It’s a classic case of ‘Watch the left hand, ignore the right.”


    Sorry to rant, but am I out of mind and completely missing something or is that totally screwed up?

    Merry Christmas to you, Chris and family BTW. 😀

  2. Stacy – Wow…I’d rant, too, if my insurance company did the same thing. As it stands, I don’t understand why it isn’t standard policy to get a discount on insurance rates if you can provide proof of a gym membership or for insurance companies to cover said memberships and even a few sessions of personal training for obese clients before shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for those individuals to undergo weight loss surgery.

    I also think that legitimate vitamin and mineral purchases–I’m talking about a quality multivitamin and calcium supplements here, not the unregulated sports/bodybuilding stuff like protein powder and creatine–should be eligible for flexible spending account reimbursement. The folks who are doing all the right things to keep themselves healthy and insurance companies in the black are the ones who are getting the short end of the stick. It’s rather like the situation in schools–the troublemakers get the bulk of the teacher’s attention while the good kids are ignored.

    Now I will probably have to dig out my own health insurance paperwork to see how United Healthcare stands on weight loss surgery fees. 😐

  3. As a follow up to the question of whether my health insurance covers weight loss surgery, the answer is a pretty firm, “No.”

    Under “Section 2: What’s Not Covered–Exclusions; R. All Other Exclusions “, United Health Care’s UHC Choice Plus plan lists “10. Surgical and non-surgical treatment of obesity, including morbid obesity.”

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