Gear ($9.99-$11.49 w/Free Shipping)

Through December 26, is running a free shipping special on their 11oz Classic White Mugs (typically $12.95), 11oz Ringer Mugs (typically $14.95), 11oz Two Tone Mugs (typically $14.95), 11oz Morphing Mugs (typically $18.95), and basic one-sided t-shirts ranging in size from youth XS to adult XL (typically $14.95) for $9.99 through December 26, 2006. Basic t-shirts with the logo on the back are $11.49, also with free shipping. Get an additional 6% cashback bonus if you are a member of or 10% cashback if you belong to

Pink Dumbbells Gear at

To get the $9.99 or $11.49 prices on the shirts, click on the Customize button on the display page for the design you want, then on the right, click the “Mens” tab and then choose the Basic T-Shirt thumbnail picture (first style on the left). You can have the design printed on any color of basic T.

Basic slogan T

Unfortunately, none of the Women’s style t-shirts are included in the sale.

The Morphing Mug is pretty neat, though. It changes from solid black when cold to white with the PDB logo revealed when a hot liquid like green tea is poured into it. :silly:

Morphing mug

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  1. I was searching for the word cheesy on google, and came across the page with your before and after pix…I must say, nice pix, and an even nice bod! I gained a few kilos recently coz’ of my vacation leave…so I gotta shed ’em. Thanks for the incentive 😉


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