Champion Sports Bra Sale @ Target

I’ve posted about the Champion C9 style 1599 sports bra with high motion control rating in the past when it was on sale at Target, so I’m just going to repost my blurb again here now that they are relatively cheap once again.

In other exciting news, Target has the most excellent Champion C9 sports bra in style 1599 on sale for $14.99 this week. These things are the best–great princess seam construction (won’t squash you completely flat), wicking technology, excellent motion control for running, and sufficient padding in front so you don’t nip out at the gym when you are trying to do bicep curls. I know–seems like a silly thing, but really, it is NOT fun to worry about what the girls are doing when you are working out. I now own enough of these suckers to get me through 9 workouts a week without having to do laundry. Yeehaw!

Champion C9 Sports Bra

(This is basically a knock off of Champion’s premium Jogbra Shape sports bra that usually retails for $25-$32 though it is also currently on sale at for $20.99. The outer shell material on the C9 version is not quite as soft, but the construction is identical.)

And for readers who are more well-endowed (up to 44DD) or prefer a sports bra with more traditional bra construction, OHP also has the Champion Jogbra Sportshape bra on sale for $16.99. I also own one of these, and I can confidently say that once you get it on, the gals won’t move for the entire workout. 😉 This model has non-stretch straps that are set in closer to your center back so they won’t slip off your shoulders, very good ventilation, and a handy back closure so you wont have to do the “OMFG!!!! My arms/shoulders/back/chest are freakin’ killing me from my upper body workout yesterday, and I can’t get this sweaty, no-closure megaspandex sports bra off over my head!” dance after your workout.

Champion Jogbra Sportshape

3 thoughts on “Champion Sports Bra Sale @ Target

  1. Thanks, Maggie, for always keeping our interests in mind. I’ll stop in at Target. Bravo! (Pun fully intended).


  2. How do you wash your sport bras? I hand wash mine after a few wearings (I let them dry out completely in between workouts), but even using woolite, they don’t seem to really be clean. (based on smell)

  3. Erica–I have gradually amassed a wardrobe of around 10 usable sport bras (enough for 1-2 workouts a day for a full week), so I chuck them in the hamper after each wearing and wash them in the warm cycle with my regular laundry. I sweat way too much during each workout to re-wear the things without sending through a machine wash, especially given my tendency to break out in a rash from too much dampness or lack of air circulation on my skin. I own mostly the mid-price Champion C9 type above, and they handle machine washing very well compared to the super cheap $5 Lycra knit models out there.

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