TT W4D1: Pre-Wedding Cut – GO!

It’s finally time to get the ball rolling on my 2007 pre-wedding cut after 3 months of maintenance and slow bulking. I won’t kid you–it’s been an uncomfortable learning experience getting my metabolism back up to the point where I can maintain at 2200-2400 calories/day while working out about 6 hours a week, but I’d say the weight gain was worth it. Never have I been SURE what my maintenance level actually was. I just sort of assumed that it was around the average 1800 or so usually given for women. Without this baseline information, I have probably been going much lower than I really needed to during my fat loss cycles in the past.

Anyhow, I am launching the first part of my cut following the guidelines below. I’ll be checking off each day in this challenge in my spiffy Daily Compliance Grid on Google Docs. Daily check in posts are fine when I have time to make them, but oftentimes when I cut I eat exactly the same thing every day, so it’s easier and more motivating for me to see a whole bunch of meals and workouts checked off in a grid with a “1”, especially since I also added fields to calculate percentage compliance.

I am Nerd. Hear me Roar. :whistle:

(On the off chance that anyone reading this would like to set up their own Compliance Grids or Fat Loss Calculator spreadsheets with measurement logs, you can download the Diet and Exercise Compliance Chart and V.4 of my Fat Loss Calculator in MS Excel .XLS format and import them into your own Google Docs account so you can edit them online from any computer and share your most personal stats with the entire world. What fun, eh?)

January 21 – April 30:
1. Start cutting following TT diet guidelines with a starting daily intake of 1800 cal/day until goal body fat of 15% is reached (~130-134 lbs based on current stats of 145 lbs and 21% bf). According to my fat loss spreadsheet (view on Google Docs – Starting and bi-weekly measurements will also be updated on this sheet), this should take me approximately 90 days.
2. Stay at same daily intake level as long as 1.5-2 lbs are lost every two weeks. Reassess every 2 weeks and decide if another 250 calories per day need to be cut.
3. Use TT for Women weights/core/HIIT program M/W/F.
4. 30 minutes with personal trainer T/Th with shoulder/back/arms emphasis.
5. 30 minutes of additional general exercise (cardio, Yourself Fitness, P90X, yoga, walking, Forza, whatever) T/Th, 60 minutes on Saturday.
6. Sundays completely off.
7. If I choose to do another 5k, T/Th/Sa will be used for training runs.
8. Cheat meal 3x a week in February, 2x a week in March, 1x a week in April.
9. Post progress photos and stats every 2 weeks.