TT W4D2: Is Skeletal In?

Eep…I thought my PT session was 7:30 as usual, but when I looked at my Treo this morning at 7:20, an accusing 7:00 AM reminder was blinking at me.


I went to the gym anyway since I’d promised Miss Ashlee that I would bring a copy of my diet to her and worked shoulders by myself using Kim’s program from last year. I had to drop 2.5-5 lbs on most of the exercises since I haven’t been working shoulders directly for a while, but all in all, I had a very good workout. My deltoids are already getting sore. I can’t wait until I can see muscle definition on my arms again. I’m pretty sure I have some shoulders under the subcutaneous fluff, but I won’t know for sure until I drop to at least 17% body fat.

I still need to do at least 30 minutes of flexibility training today, but I figure I can knock that out tonight after I stop by the grocery store on the way home from work. I need something to do while waiting for the laundry to finish cycling through. 🙂

Yesterday was week 4 of TT for Women. My bench press is still pretty wimpy at 105 lbs for 8 reps, but I think I will be moving up to 110 next week. I got two reps at 115, but couldn’t sustain it for the full set. Intervals were done on the stationary bike, and TT core B was finished in the evening while watching Heroes.

(I looooooooooove Heroes. :prop: )

Then I checked the shows I’d recorded on the DVR and decided to watch the Extreme Skinny Celebs special on the chick cable station WE. All the usual suspects were featured: Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Terri Hatcher, Posh Spice (sorry…can’t remember her real name), Ginger Spice (ditto), Nicole Kidman, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Calista Flockheart…and a few others whose names escape me because I only remember faces and don’t pay much attention to actresses and actors in any case. 😉

Some of the photos they showed were beyond scary. My best friend in elementary school and middle school was born with cystic fibrosis, a condition which caused her body to produce abnormally thick mucus in large quantities in her lungs and digestive system. This prevented her from digesting food properly, and she spent her entire 17 years of life frighteningly thin and frail because her body simply wasn’t absorbing most of the food she ate. Some of the women in the special (Hatcher, Olsen, and Lohan in particular) reminded me of my friend. As one of the psychologists on the program said, there is a marked difference between being naturally thin and being malnourished or anorexic. In recent years, a lot of the stars listed above seem to have crossed the line back and forth a few times.

I will stick to eating lots of healthy food, resistance training, and HIIT cardio, methinks. Hollywood’s parade of she-skeletons has never been my physical ideal.

One thought on “TT W4D2: Is Skeletal In?

  1. It’s not my ideal either, I lean more towards the women in Oxygen mag myself and when I see the “ladder” effect on the stars’ chests attractive is not what comes to mind.

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