TT W4D4: Training and nutrition update time!

Calories have been in the 1800-2000 range so far this week. I’m still easing my way back down to a consistent 1800-1850 or so per day for the first two weeks of my cut. However, I have already dropped off some of the cake and pie-induced water weight from this weekend. I am down to 143 (Sunday weigh in was 144.4) this morning with a lot less poof in the belly.

TT Warm Up Circuit x 2

TT Phase 2 Workout B
A1) BB Bench Press (3×8 @ 105 lbs)
A2) BB Romanian Deadlift (3×8 @ 95 lbs)
B1) Underhand Seated Row (3×8 @ 90 lbs)
B2) Stability Ball Leg Curl (3×15)

Core Workout B
A1) Ab Curl-up (2×12)
A2) 1-leg Hip Extension (2×10)
B1) Stability Ball Jackknife (2×8)
B2) Side Plank (2×6 per side)

Bike Sprints (10 minutes total for warm up/cooldown + 6 sets of level 12 (60 seconds)/level 8 (30 seconds) intervals

Notes: Pretty good workout, though I think I need to bump up my resistance on my interval bike sprints.

TT Warm Up Circuit x 2

Shoulder workout
DB Overhead Shoulder Press (15/12/10 reps @ 20 lbs)
DB Bent Arm Side Raise (18/15/12/10 reps @ 10 lbs)
DB Upright Row (15/12/20 reps @ 15, 15, 20 lbs)
Machine Rear Delt Flye (18/15/12/10 reps @ 30, 30, 30, 35 lbs)

Notes: Ouch. I haven’t done this workout in over 2 months, so I had to drop my weights a little since I haven’t done these exercises in a while. Major DOMS coming up. Took my glutamine to stave off some of the pain.

TT Warm Up Circuit x 2

TT Phase 2 Workout A
1a) BB Squat (3×8 @ 125, 125, 125 lb)
1b) Eccentric Chin Ups (3×8 @ bodyweight; 5 seconds down)
2a) DB Split Squat (3×8 @ 40 lb)
2b) DB Incline Bench Press (3×8 @ 35, 35, 40 lb)

Core A
1a) Ab Curl Up (2×10 w/5 second hold at top of curl)
1b) Side Plank (2×4 on each side; hold 10 sec)
2a) Bird Dog (2×6 on each side; hold 5 sec)
2b) Plank (2×30 sec)

Bodyweight Circuit (x 5 w/ 1 minute rest between sets)
– Squat Thrust/Burpees (30 sec)
– Jumping Jacks (30 sec)
– Mountain Climbers (30 sec)
– Squat Jump (20 sec)

Notes: The bodyweight circuit kicked my ass. I barely had any power left in my legs by the time I got to the squat jumps in each circuit. Also, I did too many eccentric chins again. For some reason I always think I need to do 8, when the program only calls for 5.

Upper Body Circuit with Trainer
– Arnold Press (3 x 15 @ 15 lbs)
– Close-hand seated row (1 x 15 @ 85 lbs)
– Rear Delt Cable Rope Pull (3 x 15 @ 80 lbs)
– Weighted Hyperextensions (3 x 15 @ 15 lbs)
– Travelling 3 point push-ups (3 x 10)
– DB Front-Side Raise (3 x 15 @ 10 lbs)

Yourself Fitness Flexibility (60 minutes)

Notes: My shoulders were still sore from my shoulder workout on Tuesday, so I felt like this workout was tougher than it probably would be normally. YF Flex was fun–my cat hung out with me as usual when I was twisted into all the funny poses.

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