TT W6D4: Star Wars, Workouts, Valentine’s Day, and More Wedding Stuff

Things are starting to get busy at work again now that we are signed to develop the Nintendo DS version of the upcoming Lucas Arts title, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. There were many semi-late nights last week that kept me from signing up officially for capoeira class, but I will give it a shot next week. If you want to become a video game developer, you can pretty much kiss any hopes of regular evening classes of any sort goodbye. 🙁

I had a great shoulder workout Tuesday followed by half of a TT workout and bike sprints. I took a break yesterday, but was back full force this morning with a back circuit and TT workout B followed by some incline treadmill walking. I’ll do my real TT intervals tomorrow morning.

Food has been thrown off by the addition of some high sodium beef jerky I picked up as an alternative to the endless monotony of whey shakes. The main side effect is some serious water retention in the neighborhood of 3 lbs or so. I may have to rethink the beef jerky since it is masking my progress. I’m also experiencing some random itchies that may or may not be linked to the preservatives in the jerky. I don’t eat any other processed foods at the moment, so that stuff is the prime suspect. I’ll definitely be cleaning things up for the next three days before the next set of progress pics and measurements.

(Wait, I take that back. Last night was a Valentine’s cheat meal of steak, lobster, scallops, green beans, and angel hair pasta with 5 cheese marinara, all prepped at home. Amazingly enough, I didn’t do the bulk of the cooking. Chris managed 90% of it all by himself. And Friday will be another company potluck blowout, so there goes the plan of eating super clean for Saturday’s progress check. I may postpone until Sunday….)

In wedding news, we’ve attended a food tasting at our venue and narrowed down the menu options. I spent most of last week putting together a wedding information site based on WordPress 2.1 and about five or six free plugins that give the page all the functionality of a $30-$80 paid wedding site package. Our guests will be able to RSVP, contact us, check out Orlando weather, read about the location, accommodations and events, sign up for updates, register for events, and update their mailing addresses. I am working on a tutorial on how to set up a similar site for next week.

I also found a decent channel-set baguette diamond and white gold band at that looks pretty good with the engagement bling (which has baguette diamond accents) for a reasonable $109. It looks nice and sparkly by itself, too, and is light with a low profile that won’t get caught on anything. It’s at the jeweler right now being sized down from a 6 to a 4. Chris also found a modern style ring he liked in nearly indestructible tungsten carbide from (style: Mattino), but we are waiting on the company to send their plastic ring sizer gadget before ordering so we don’t get the wrong size. I also emailed them about the availability of size 4 tungsten carbide rings (Hey, Chris isn’t the only one who is rough on jewelry! I’m the one who is elbow deep in raw chicken, garden detritus, or dirty pans most days.), and they responded that they will start stocking size 4’s within 2 weeks. Granted, a 6 mm wide TC ring won’t really match the current engagement bling, but it’s nice to know I have options.

We have furthermore decided to forego the traditional overpriced monstrosity of a wedding cake for five light, fruity sponge cakes from a Taiwanese bakery and five super dense and rich Decadent Dessert cakes from Publix–including German chocolate and Boston creme. That will be a lot tastier by far, and it won’t send us over budget. Come on…It’s just CAKE, not one of the fabled Peaches of Immortality. There’s no reason that flour, eggs, sugar, leavening, food coloring, and oil should cost hundreds of dollars.

– Back Circuit with Trainer
1) Bent Over Cable Row (3×15 @ 90 lbs)
2) Supinated Lat Pulldown (3×15 @ 70 lbs)
3) Weighted Hyperextensions (3×15 @ 20 lbs)
4) DB Single-Leg Roman Deadlifts (3×8 @ 15 lbs each side)

– TT Week 5-8 Workout B
A1) Chin-ups (3×8)
A2) BB Sumo Squat (3×8 @ 95, 115, and 135 lbs)
B1) DB Step-up (3×8 @ 30 lbs)
B2) Cable Lateral Raise (3×8 @ 10, 20, 20 lbs)
Core Training B

– LISS Incline Walk (3.7-4.0 mph / 6% incline)

One thought on “TT W6D4: Star Wars, Workouts, Valentine’s Day, and More Wedding Stuff

  1. Hi Maggie,

    I wanted to comment on the tungsten ring. I proposed to my man this christmas and too bought him a tungsten ring. The plastic finger sizer thing wasn’t all that handy though becaue if you go to any jewler they have a tungsten ring sizer and that’s just as easy to use. Either way, for us, the size of the tungsten ring was the same as other rings hes worn.
    These rings are amazing though! My fiance is very rough with his hands and these rings dont scratch, chip, or lose their beauty at all. Enjoy!


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