TT W8D2: Tightening Things Up

(2/27/07 Workout – Upper body circuit with trainer)

– Seated barbell military press (Smith machine, 3×15 @ 40 lb total plates)
– Upright Smith machine row (3 x 15 @ 30 lb total plates)
– BB tricep bench press (3 x 15 @ 55 lb)
– BB standing bicep curls (3 x 15 @ 40/30 lb)

My left shoulder felt a bit twingy this morning when performed any arm movements that crossed over the front of my body, but was fine by the middle of the workout. Due to the lack of rest between exercises, I found that my forearms were too exhausted to perform all 15 reps of BB curls at 40 lbs, and I had to drop weight down to 30 to finish the set in circuits 2 and 3.

Cardio, which I did on my own, was a 20 minute interval run (4, 5, 6, 7, and 9.5 mph for one minute each; repeat) with 5 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of cooldown. I haven’t been running regularly since I ran a 5k on January 20, so I took it a bit easy today.

Pre-workout supplement: 3 scoops MRM BCAA + Glutamine
Post-workout shake: 1 scoop whey protein blend, 3 scoops BCAA/Glutamine, 1 scoop dextrose
Water: 4 cups

I may do some yoga or TT core work tonight while watching Heroes on the DVR.

As recommended by Jen Heath on the forum, I am keeping my deficit conservative at this time and consuming 1700-1800 calories/day on average. I have also added BCAAs back into my pre- and post-workout nutrition. I’m thinking that I’ll have to give up the 4 cheats/week (90% compliance rule) allowed by Precision Nutrition and just work on more consistent and cleaner meals though, as I find that I just get better results with just one cheat a week and a diet that doesn’t vary much from day to day. I’m going to structure my nutrition more along the lines of the TT nutrition model this week and see where that takes me.

My deficit is so small that I feel that eating clean is more important than ever. I just don’t have the leeway to shrug off a few hundred unplanned calories, unlike the days when I was limping along (and freezing to death) at 1200 calories/day.

2 thoughts on “TT W8D2: Tightening Things Up

  1. What is a tricep bench press? And how wide of a grip do you use on it? Also, how long does the full workout take you (not incl. cardio)?

  2. WOW! Maggie is so strong. 15 reps of 40lb is equivalent to 5 of my bodyweight. Another reason why I worship you.


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