TT W8D3: The Evils of Singing Shows

I did today’s workout at home due to a late wake up, which in turn was due to my staying up past 1 AM recording 4 new songs at after watching both American Idol and Grease: You’re The One That I Want on DVR following Heroes. The problem with watching cheesy singing competition shows when you are a karaoke fanatic is that they invariably make you want to go out singing, but you have to go to work the next day and you are already in your schleppy stay-at-home clothes. Thank goodness Singshot is around for situations like that.

The workout felt pretty good this morning although I need to get to the gym to perform it next time since I am already maxed out on squats using the Powerblock barbell setup I have at home. I really tried for a 7th chin-up each superset, too, but it just isn’t happening yet. Maybe after I drop about 10 lbs or so. As a 5’6″ female, it’s just tough to pull my current body weight up. It’s about time for me to move up to 35 lb dumbbells on the step-ups though. Got in my whey/dextrose/BCAA shake during and after workout, chased it with another dose of BCAAs, and am on schedule with meals, water, and supps (multivitamin, calcium+D, fish oil) so far.

I am going to see about making a Palm OS HandBase database and entry form to track and record my TT workouts and nutrition this weekend. I’ve made modules to handle other training programs in the past, and I’m tired of looking at my own sloppy chicken scratch on my printed TT workout log sheets.


– TT for Women – Week 7 Workout B
A1) Chin-ups (Full/eccentric – 3 x 6/2, 6/2, & 6/2)
A2) BB Sumo Squat (3×8 @ 135 lbs)
B1) DB Step-up (3×8 @ 30 lbs)
B2) Cable Lateral Raise (3×8 using resistance tubing at home)

– 1.5 mile walk around the office complex parking lot during lunch
– Core B also during lunch break or after work
– Bodyweight interval circuit (a.k.a. “TT Torture Session”) at home after work

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