Hill’s Prescription Diet m/d Feline Dry Food Recall

I’m posting this here because the Hillspet.com site is VERY slow right now since the announcement of this dry food recall yesterday. According to my local NBC affiliate, the dry cat food that used the same source of wheat gluten as the recalled wet foods is Hill’s Prescription Diet m/d Feline Dry Food.

Hill’s Prescription Diet m/d Feline Dry Food is the ONLY dry cat or dog food currently being recalled. NO other brands of DRY food are affected.

If this *IS* the brand of food your cats eat, please check your bags according to this recall notice from the Hill’s Pet Nutrition web site:

Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Single Product, Prescription Dietâ„¢ m/dâ„¢ Feline Dry Food, Only Product Containing Wheat Gluten

Topeka, KS (March 30, 2007) – In accordance with its over-riding commitment to pet health and well-being, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is voluntarily recalling Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry food from the market. Hill’s is taking this precautionary action because during a two-month period in early 2007, wheat gluten for this product was provided by a company that also supplied wheat gluten to Menu Foods. U.S. Food and Drug Administration tests of wheat gluten samples from this period show the presence of a small amount of melamine. Prescription Diet m/d Feline Dry represents less than one half of one percent of all Hill’s products.

This is the only product Hill’s currently sells in the United States and Canada that contains wheat gluten from any supplier. No other Hill’s Prescription Diet® or Science Diet® products are affected by this voluntary recall. Hill’s Science Diet Savory Cuts Feline canned cat foods, manufactured by Menu Foods, were previously withdrawn from the market as a precaution. Together with this earlier withdrawal, less than 1% of all Hill’s products have been affected.

The voluntary recall of Hill’s Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry food involves discontinuation of all retail sales and product retrieval from sellers. This recall does not include Prescription Diet m/d Feline canned food which contains no wheat gluten.

Consumers should stop using this product and return it for a refund. All Hill’s products carry a 100 percent guarantee, and consumers can receive a refund for recalled product.

Hill’s expects to resume shipment shortly of a reformulated version of this highly beneficial product that will not contain wheat gluten. Please check with your veterinarian for an alternative Prescription Diet until m/d Feline dry is reformulated and made available again.

Following is a list of Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry products included in this recall:

Recalled product U.S. & Canada UPC* Size
Prescription Dietâ„¢ m/dâ„¢ Feline dry food 52742 42770 (all lot numbers) 4 lb. bag
Prescription Dietâ„¢ m/dâ„¢ Feline dry food 52742 42790 (all lot numbers) 10 lb. bag

Hill's Prescription Diet m/d Feline Dry Food

Hill’s has been fully cooperating with the FDA since the outset of its investigation and made the decision to voluntarily recall these products in consultation with the FDA. We deeply regret any concern that this has caused our valued customers.

For more information, consumers can contact the company at 1-800-445-5777 or visit www.HillsPet.com for details.

* * *

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. manufactures Prescription Diet® brand pet foods, therapeutic pet foods available only through veterinarians, and Science Diet® brand pet foods sold through veterinarians and finer pet specialty stores. Founded nearly 60 years ago by one veterinarian’s unique commitment to pet nutrition and well-being, Hill’s has never wavered from their mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. Hill’s produces high-quality, great tasting pet foods, so pet owners can follow the recommendations of the veterinary health care team. This ultimately improves patient health and the health of the practice. Visit HillsVet.com for more information on Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. and Hill’s Evidence-Based Clinical Nutritionâ„¢ products.

TT W12D4: Down With The Sickness

Sleeping with my upper body elevated around 30 degrees got me through the night without any 3 am coughing fits, so hurray! I am trying to take it easier this week on both calorie restriction and workouts while still maintaining a small deficit. I know I’m short on white blood cells from last week’s blood donation and the onset of my monthly cycle this week; I’m focusing on just maintaining the status quo for now while I recover because I want to be 100% again next week.

This morning’s workout was a 30 minute full body circuit with Ashlee followed by 20 minutes of medium intensity SS cardio on a stationary bike and 15 minutes of TT intervals on the treadmill. I got through it all with the help of about 10 scratchy paper towels and 15 coughing jags.

Food was on target yesterday again. Weigh in was 142.4 lbs this morning from TOM water retention, and bf% on the Omron was 20.0%. My right arm is looking more defined with less excess fluff over the tricep (the left looks leaner most of the time for some odd reason), and I’m starting to drop some of the upper hip area flab because my various jeans and pants are riding lower. Both the Omron and Tanita bf% are showing a consistent 1-1.5% downward trend, so I’m pleased.

I just read the modified 300 workout challenge in this morning’s Turbulence Training email newsletter and think I will give the 200 rep men’s version a try tonight or tomorrow for fun. I can definitely do 5 chin-ups easily now thanks to 10 weeks of TT workouts, and let’s just say that I have been fully capable of maxing out full push-ups to the tune of 70+ reps in two minutes since 1999 thanks to my stint in Uncle Sam’s Army. (Kneelie girl push-ups? Pshaw. Not unless I break both legs.)

The modified workout:

5 Chinups
20 prisoner squats
20 pushups
100 Jumping Jacks
30 Bicycle Crunches
10 decline pushups
15 bodyweight rows
100 reps of rope jumping to finish off 300 total reps

– Full Body Circuit with trainer (Performed 3 times without breaks)
1) DB bent arm lateral raise/squat combo (3×15 @ 10 lb)
2) DB shoulder press/sumo squat combo (3×15 @ 10 lb)
3) Mountain Climbers (30 sec)
4) DB bicep curl/lunge (3 pulses – 3×6 each side @ 10 lb)
5) DB lateral raise combo (3×15 @ 7.5 lb)
6) DB front raise combo (3×15 @ 7.5 lb)
7) Stability ball 1-leg curl (3×10 each side)
8) Bicycles (30 sec.)
9) Glute raise (30 sec.)

– Stationary Bike (level 9, 20 min)

– TT Intervals – Treadmill (4 mph/8-9 mph x 6 sets plus 5 min cooldown)

– 1.5 mile walk (4 mph/ 25 min)

– TT Core

– Modified 300 challenge

0) PWO shake – dextrose/whey/BCAA
1) 3 egg whites, 1 oz. raisins, 1/2 c. oats, 1/2 c. spinach
2) Pineapple soy protein smoothie
3) 4 oz. tilapia, 4 oz. seasoned sweet potato wedges, 1 c. mixed veggie stir fry
4) 3/4 c. LF cottage cheese, 3/4 c. mixed berries
5) 3 oz. turkey burger patty, 1 c. stir-fried cabbage and green beans, 0.5 oz. almonds, 3/4 orange
6) 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop whey, 0.5 oz. almonds

Supps: 1 multivitamin, 1 calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil caps, 2 servings BCAA, 1 serving l-glutamine

TT W12D3: Those Non-Gym Workouts

I didn’t do my TT weights last night, but I did play around a bit more with Forza and got the right hand routine from the DVD down pat. My bokken sword weighs 2.25 lbs, which, according to my sister (and some reviewers on Karatedepot.com who purchased the same sword), is an unusually heavy one. Her practice bokken for martial arts class is only 17 ounces.

No wonder I’ve been getting such a good workout from Forza this month, haha. I covet instructor Ilaria Montagnani’s shoulders. Lil’ sis is coming down from Boston this Thursday for a mini-vacation before starting her new job, and she’s bringing her Forza book with her so I can take a look and decide if I want to get a copy for myself.

I did TT workout B this morning at home because I didn’t want to spread my viruses to the people at the gym. Went up in DB standing presses and felt a lot stronger in eccentric pull ups. My BB only goes up to 135 lbs, so I couldn’t max out on that. I did, however, try to focus on dropping my backside all the way down on the squats instead of just going down to 90 degrees.

I finished up with 3 sets x 30 sec. of burpees. TT core and intervals on a stationary bike will be done immediately after work.

In reality TV news…is anyone else watching Dancing With The Stars? My faves currently are Joey Fatone (Go Orlando boy band dude!), Leila Ali (Go muscular boxer girl, go!), and Apolo Anton Ohno (Go skater boy with cute goatee!). I also like Ian something or other from 90210, and Heather Mills, who is dancing with a prosthetic left leg. DWTS is the only reality show I ever vote on.

That reminds me…I need to try out the Core Rhythms Latin dance workout I just picked up sometime this week. I previewed it this weekend and am a little bit intimidated.

It looks like you might need some modicum of coordination to get through it…

And one final bit of news–It looks like developer ResponDesign is working on the next version of Yourself Fitness at last! Woohoo! Here’s hoping that they include some real strength building exercises this time, better audio cueing in the yoga module, tougher cardio calisthenics exercises, and more unlockables!

– TT for Women Weeks 9-12 Workout B
A1) BB Squat (3×8 @ 115, 135, and 145 lbs)
A2) Eccentric Pull-ups (3×5)
B1) BB Romanian Deadlift (3×8 @ 115, 125, and 135 lbs)
B2) DB 1-Arm Standing Shoulder Press (3×8 @ 25 lbs)

– Core Training B
– TT Intervals – Stationary Bike (34 min)

0) 1/4 PWO shake
1) 3 egg whites, 1 oz. raisins, 1/2 c. oats
2) Pineapple soy protein smoothie
3) 4 oz. turkey breast, 4 oz. seasoned sweet potato wedges, 1 c. mixed veggie stir fry
4) 3/4 c. LF cottage cheese, 3/4 c. grapes
5) 4 oz. tilapia filet, 1 c. stir-fried cabbage and green beans, 0.5 oz. almonds, 1/2 orange
6) 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop whey, 0.5 oz. almonds

Supps: 1 multivitamin, 1 calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil caps, 2 servings BCAA, 1 serving l-glutamine

Geeky Is The New Hot

9mm Ed sent this to me today:

Ten Ways Being a Geek Makes You More Attractive

Being a geek in 2007 is nothing to be ashamed of, the stereotype that once existed is long gone and there are several characteristics of geek culture that could almost be considered chic. Consumating, Threadless, or even Apple are pretty good testaments to this fact.

The picture I’m about to paint is of the ideal, I’m not implying that every perl programmer or 15 year kid who plays WoW all day possesses all these qualities.

1. You’re probably very smart.
2. It’s hip to be geek. Everyone is familiar with the stereotype of thick glasses, a pocket protector, an obsession with star trek, and social skills akin to a sack of potatoes. Times have changed: geeks are often fashionable, hip individuals who are very aligned with the trends of their own generation
3. You geek out on more than just your computer. Ever seen the movie collection of a film geek? Ever had an automotive geek work on your car? Ever seen the body of a fitness geek? The tenacity of someone like us, when applied to hobbies outside computers and the like, can yield impressive results.
4. Geek humor is the best humor. This is perhaps a biased opinion, but I’ve never laughed as hard as I have while reading some of the random, funny things that came out of geek culture.
5. You listen to good music. Geeks have access to tools that allow us to hear music that extends well beyond top 40 radio. Want the entire discography of Aphex Twin by tomorrow afternoon? Ask a geek. Not only do they listen to good music, they can find just about anything you’re looking for in a heartbeat.
6. You make good money. If there’s one stereotype about geeks that usually rings true, it’s that they rarely have trouble earning a decent income.
7. You fix stuff. Everyone loves a handyman, especially one that can fix one of the most frustrating devices ever conceived: a personal computer.
8. You’ve got your own stuff going on. You’ll never meet a geek who runs out of things to do, they’ve got lots of hobbies and interests and are more than happy to dive head first into one of those when they’ve got some spare time. In other words: they won’t rely on you to give them a life.
9. You’re very articulate. Compulsively reading a few hundred RSS feeds a day yields a vocabulary that could put most college English majors to shame.
10. You’re passionate. When a geek becomes interested in something, they tend to immerse themselves in it entirely. They’ll strip a new gadget down to nuts and bolts and re-build it with an xhtml compliant grappling gun. This intense passion can extend to many areas of a geek’s life, not just computers and hobbies.

Any others you can think of?


Maggie’s note: While the above refers primarily to MALE geeks, I just want to point out that after age 25 or so, any FEMALE geek with those same traits who is even passably attractive and marginally social can have her pick of high-quality intelligent and emotionally/financially-stable guys.

TT W12D2: The 10-Minute Turbulence Training Workout

My cough woke me up this morning at 3:25 AM. I had to get up and down some water and cold meds to get back to sleep for another three hours, which was not optimal, but I still got over 7 hours total.

I decided to cancel my training session at the gym and just do TT today. I was short on time and feeling somewhat pulled down from the cough and broken sleep so I opted to try one of the December TT 10-minute workouts just to get SOMETHING done this morning.

Ten minutes 45 seconds later, my a** was officially kicked.

I think it was the three sets of burpees, sheesh.

I still plan to do my regular TT for Women workout B and a shoulder workout when I get home tonight and have a little more time, but that was a fantastic wake up call. Now I will never be able to use “not enough time” as an excuse to not get in an intense workout session.

– TT 10-Minute Workout 1
1a) DB Squat (3×12 @ 20, 40, 40)
1a) DB Squat (3×8 @ 20, 30, 30)
1a) DB Squat (3×10 @ 20, 30, 30)
2) Burpees (3×30 second)

– 1.5 mi walk (25 min)

– TT Workout B (will post actual weights lifted tonight after workout)

1) 3 egg whites, 1 oz. raisins, 1/2 c. oats
2) Pineapple soy protein smoothie
3) 4 oz. turkey breast, 4 oz. seasoned sweet potato wedges, 1 c. mixed veggie stir fry
4) 3/4 c. LF cottage cheese, 3/4 c. grapes
5) 4 oz. tilapia filet, 1 c. stir-fried cabbage and green beans, 0.5 oz. almonds

PWO) 1 scoop dextrose, 1 scoop whey, 1 serving BCAA

6) 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop whey, 0.5 oz. almonds

Supps: 1 multivitamin, 1 calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil caps, 2 servings BCAAs, 1 serving l-Glutamine

Approx. 1866 calories at 43% carb/38% pro/19% fat

TT W12D1: Here Comes The Cough Again

This morning’s Forza workout started out good but with this cough my stamina and concentration were shot by the 35 minute mark (30 minutes of warm up and basic sword drills, and 5 minutes into the 15 minute left hand routine), and I had to switch to YF cardio/calisthenics for 15 minutes to give my arms a break. I did go back and finish up the last 10 minutes of the left hand Forza routine afterwards for my full hour of exercise, but I think running will be out as an interval option this week until this annoying tickle in my throat clears up to the point where heavier breathing doesn’t send me into a fit of coughing. I will do the 15 minute right hand Forza routine when I get home from work for some stress relief.

Food was fine yesterday at the planned 1830 calorie mark and has been 100 percent prepped for today, too. 1550 calorie low day today.

Weight: 141.8 lb
BF: 19.5 percent

– Forza DVD (45 minutes)
– YF Cardio (15 minutes)
– 1.5 mile walk (25 minutes)
– Forza DVD (15 minutes)

1) 3 egg whites, 1 oz. raisins, 1/2 c. oats
2) Pineapple soy protein smoothie
3) 4 oz. turkey breast, 4 oz. seasoned sweet potato wedges, 1 c. mixed veggie stir fry
4) 3/4 c. LF cottage cheese, 3/4 c. grapes
5) 4 oz. tilapia filet, 1 c. stir-fried cabbage and green beans, 0.5 oz. almonds
6) 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop whey, 0.5 oz. almonds

Supps: 1 multivitamin, 1 calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil caps

Approx. 1541 calories at 37% carb/41% pro/22% fat

TT W11D5: Accidental Lent

Down again today to 141.0 lbs (-0.4 lb change from yesterday). I raised my BB squat again as well to 155 lbs. Now I can say that I can squat my fiance, hah!

Cardio intervals have been rough since the blood donation. I have been a little congested, especially during cardio, but not enough to stop. My fellow gym members will just have to listen to me snuffle and cough every once in a while between my usual huffs and puffs. I do wonder if part of the problem is the re-introduction of dairy (LF cottage cheese and FF yogurt) into my diet. Amazingly enough, I am not feeling any lactose intolerance effects from the cottage cheese, possibly because it is LF versus FF. Fat free products are supposed to have higher lactose content. I’m still not a fan of CC, but it is tolerable with grapes, and grapes are super cheap right now…

Core B left, then I will be checked off on all workouts for this week. I plan to chill out at home tonight and get some rest in front of the Xbox. I really don’t need another cold right now.

Meals were perfect yesterday, and my after work treadmill cardio session was fabulous except for the aforementioned congestion issue. 5 minutes warm up, 20 minutes BFL HIIT at 4-8 mph, 5 minutes cooldown.

I am really revoltingly focused on this cut. I don’t even want any of the cereal in the pantry. Well, not that much anyway.

I found out today around lunch time that quite a few of my co-workers observe the tradition of no meat on Fridays during Lent. My co-worker (whom I will refer to as 5k Ed since he is always game for a 5k race vs. Karaoke Ed, my singing artist pal) came by to gather up the usual Friday dining out group, and there was a rather long debate about which nearby restaurant might have seafood for under $10. 5k Ed suggested a Chinese buffet (again!) as a compromise, but two of the other guys decided not to go because they claimed that it would be too, too depressing to see the non-observers chowing down on chicken, beef, and pork when they were restricted to fish and shrimp.

5k Ed then nagged me to go, but I pointed out that I’d already brought my lunch and dinner.

Both of which just happened to be fish today, even though I am about as religiously clued in as a soggy napkin.


What can I say? I ran out of turkey breast, the chicken breast is still frozen, and Wal-Mart had a big 4 lb box of frozen, individually-wrapped tilapia filets for around $2.00/lb.

And I really love fish.


TT for Women Weeks 9-12 Workout B
A1) BB Squat (3×8 @ 155 lbs)
A2) Eccentric Pull-ups (3×8)
B1) BB Romanian Deadlift (3×8 @ 125 lbs)
B2) DB 1-Arm Standing Shoulder Press (3×8 @ 25 lbs)

– Intervals – Stationary bike (levels 8/12)

– Core Training B

0) PWO whey/ dextrose/ BCAA
1) 3 EW, 1 oz. raisins, 1/2 c. oats
2) Pineapple pro smoothie
3) 4 oz. tilapia, 1 c. spinach, 8 oz. FF yogurt
4) 3/4 c. LF cottage cheese and 3/4 c. berries and grapes
5) 4 oz. tilapia, 1 c. brussels sprouts, 1 pear, 0.5 oz. almonds
6) 1 c. soy milk, 0.5 scoop whey, 0.5 oz. almonds

Supps: 1 multivitamin, 1 calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil caps, 2 servings BCAAs, 1 serving l-glutamine

Approx. total: 1855 calories (47% carb/35% pro/18% fat) — I love lifting day calories!

TT W11D4: Down Again

Food and workouts were right on track yesterday. I opted not to do a second cardio session in the evening after I donated a pint of blood during my lunch hour. My morning plyometrics workout was tough enough and I didn’t want to wear myself down too much when I was short 2 cups of red blood cells because I am borderline on fighting off a minor cold that my fiance’ had about a week ago. From previous experience I know that I need to take very good care of myself with rest after donating blood when I’m like this, or I WILL come down with the full illness.

I have all of my meals for the office packed and with me, and my personal training lifting session this morning was pretty good since it was done in upper/lower superset style. No time to get in my TT weights A today because I had to drop my fiance’ off at the airport, but I’m going to head directly to the gym after work and either run or bike interval style for 30 minutes. I will do my entire TT workout (weights/core/intervals) in one session tomorrow morning.

My scale weight was down to 141.4 lbs this morning from 143.4 yesterday. I’m sure some of it was due to the loss of 2 cups of fluid, but it was still a nice surprise. We’ll see if it stays there through the the end of the week. I believe that my arms and upper back are looking more defined now and my waist is shrinking. I can see my upper 2 abs to some degree and the next pair are starting to come out. (Not a big deal for me…the women in my family do not gain around the midsection much.) My size 4 engagement ring is starting to spin a bit more now, too, so I guess my fingers are leaning out, too. :prop:

I really hope that my fat loss remains steady on my current zigzag intake level of 4×1550 calories and 3×1850 calories per week. I am very comfortable here and feel like I can sustain this with my established workout schedule for the next 15 weeks without going nuts.

– PT Workout:
A1) Sumo Squats (3×8 @ 95, 145, 145 lbs – increase to 155 next time)
A2) Arnold Shoulder Press (3×8 @ 15 lbs – increase to 20 next time)

B1) BB Lunge (3×8 @ 50, 55, 55 lbs – increase next time)
B2) DB Bent Over Rear Delt Raise (3×8 @10 lbs – increase to 12.5 or 15)

C1) BB Standing shoulder press (3×8 @ 50 lbs)
C2) Seated leg curl (3×8 @ 90, 105, 105 lbs)

– 1.5 mile walk
– Treadmill interval run (Planned – 10 min warm up/cooldown, 20 min intervals between 4-9 mph)

1) 3 egg whites, 1 oz. raisins, 1/2 c. oats
2) Pineapple protein smoothie
3) 4 oz. tilapia, 3 cups raw spinach, 1 pear
4) 3/4 c. LF cottage cheese, 3/4 c. mixed strawberries and grapes
5) 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, 1 c. mixed vegetables, 1 apple
6) 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop protein powder, 0.5 oz almonds

Planned meals total 1590 calories, 39% carb/38% pro/22% fat.