TT W8D4: Another Boring Workout Log

I need to set up my whey/dex/bcaa workout shakes in a bottle the night before. I had to rush out the door this morning and didn’t have time to even slam down some water before heading to the gym. My energy level was noticeably low during cardio, even though I wasn’t doing strenuous TT style intervals today. I’m also considering moving my TT lifting workouts to T/Th/Sa at 7 am and saving core and intervals (and an optional flexibility workout at home) for M/W/F. I’d still have sessions with my trainer on T/Th after I get my TT workouts done, but frankly, the high reps, lack of rest periods, and 25% (on average) lower weights used in her usual circuit routines feel more like cardio with a bit of resistance than a serious strength training workout. I definitely don’t feel that those workouts are on par with my TT supersets as far as intensity goes, so I feel okay about performing them after TT twice a week.


Lower body circuit with trainer
– BB Squat (3 x 12 @ 115 lbs)
– 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl (3 x 12)
– Bodyweight Sumo Squats (3 x 12)
– Jumping Jacks (3 x 20)
– DB Step Ups with Knee Raise (3 x 12 @ 15 lbs on each side)
– DB Sumo Squat (3 x 12 @ 15 lbs)

TT Core B
A1) Cable Lift (3×8 @ 40 lbs per side) * increase to 50 lbs next time
A2) Elevated Push-up (3×6/side) * actually did 15 per side
B1) Side Plank (2×4 per side)
B2) Plank (2×60 seconds)

Steady-State Cardio
– 10 minutes elliptical @ 5.1 mph/level 3-4
– 5 minutes run @ 6 mph/0% incline
– 5 minutes walk @ 3.7 mph/10% incline
– 1.5 mile walk during lunch break @ ~4.0 mph

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