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Since I get so many emails requesting copies of the P90X program workout log sheets from people who failed to make photocopies of their originals before scribbling all over them, I’ve dug up the links to the log sheets on Beachbody’s Milliondollarbody.com site for your convenience. (Sorry, I can no longer provide the P90X calendar due to copyright restrictions.)


Note: I do not now, nor do I ever plan to host copies of the P90X DVDs, and I will remove any future comments relating to obtaining or distributing pirated copies of the program. Do not waste your time contacting me with requests for burned DVD copies, download links, or torrents either, as all such inquiries will be ignored. It’s a good program that WORKS, folks. Man up and PAY for it.

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29 thoughts on “P90X Log Sheets

  1. My boss gave me copies of P90X, and now with the workout sheet’s you’ve provided, it’s all complete! Thanks! Now I really have to do the workout! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Darren – Sorry, but the nutrition plan is a full spiral-bound manual. I don’t mind scanning a few log sheets and the calendar, but I draw the line at doing entire books. You might want to check ebay for just the manual. The basic breakdown is as follows from what I remember:

    Month 1: Low carb (Under 30% of total daily intake)/high protein (Probably to give most people an instant scale weight loss to encourage them. Beachbody programs have a tendency to either start off with a low carb period or a straight out liquid “fast” to give easily discouraged quick-fix types a dramatic drop in water weight and make them think that the BB programs work better than they actually do.)

    Month 2: Approximately 40% carb/40% protein/20% fat (Similar to Body for Life and Leanness Lifestyle macros)

    Month 3: Higher carb ~60% carb, the rest split between protein and fat. (Theoretically you will be plenty lean by this point and need the added carbs to boost athletic performance.)

  3. Thanks Maggie…didn’t realize it was a book. Sounds like it is a great program.


  4. Hi Maggie I was just wondering if you needed the workout video’s inorder to use the program sheets that you have provided?

  5. Chris – The sheets only cover the resistance training workouts in P90X. There aren’t any sheets for the Yoga X, Kempo X, Plyo X, X-Stretch, or Cardio X workouts. Also, the sheets don’t tell you if the exercises are done in groups of 2, 3, 4, etc. You could perform the exercises on the sheets using your own best guess on how they are grouped together, tempo, and rest intervals, but you’d really need the videos to get the most out of them.

  6. Is it really worth it buying the P90X program??? Kinda pricey to me, but if it’s worth it then i’ll give it a try. thanks

  7. I’ve just started the program and it’s great. I also initially thought ‘too expensive’, but its a really complete package, also without the support group site (fitness tools, diet planner and shopping list prep, fitness diary…etc) you’d be missing out on the finer details.

    I ‘ve bought loads of different infomercial packages and I think P90X is the best value for money that I’ve come across.

  8. I really appreciate your blog. I have already been through the original power 90 ab oout three times. So I am giving body for life a shot but the eas bars dont agree with me and the 20 min cardio three times a week is a joke. do you think P90x is worth the investment? I have already ordered the pull up bar in the hope it will support my 200 lb frame. Well I just wanted to say thanks. G Lost Wages Nv.

  9. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much I have no way to get to a copy machine.But ‘puter printer no problem! Thanks again


  10. I thoroughly love your page. I am begining my weightloss journey and would love to document it. May I have an inivation code to the muscletank.net (I think thats it).


  11. Appreciate the posts…after printing out the calander im a little confused on how to follow it….do i just pick one of the 3 (Classic, doubles or lean) and do those for three weeks and on the 4th week all of the yoga core synergistics kenpo stretch and cardio?? Please help.

  12. Thanks guys. Great link I was just searching for workout sheets for my p90x and found the perfect exact p90x workoutsheets i needed =) awesome. A friend let me burrow the P90X dvds to copy. By the way. Go to walmart to get resistance bands only 10.49 you get 3 and you can use them all together or seperate. Also the heart rate watch at walmart isn’t that bad of a deal or you could ebay. get the Polar f1.

  13. Thank you so much, Maggie – bless your dear heart for posting these. Dennis, Edmonton AB Canada.

  14. Amber – I’m sorry, but I currently do not have any Muscletank.net invitation codes available.

    Mariusz – Yes, you choose which P90X track you want to follow (classic, doubles, lean–classic is the one recommended for most people). You then perform the sequence of workouts shown for weeks 1, 2, and 3 followed by the “Recovery” week sequence in week 4. You always do 3 weeks of the P90X strength/cardio/yoga workouts followed by one week of lighter cardio/stretch workouts for recovery.

  15. Hey Maggie, me and my boyfriend are going to try out the P90x workout but neither of us are really too sure how often you do the routine. Are you supposed to do the sequence everyday or every other day!?! By the way I LOVE your site!!!! Thanks so much!

  16. Madison – If you download the calendar, you should see exactly when each workout is supposed to be performed. P90X is generally performed 1 workout each day, six days a week for around 6 total hours of exercise/week. Check the calendar and let me know if you have any questions afterwards.

  17. hi, this is great. I was jus wonering what are the differences between the classic double or lean routes. I know you said classic is recommended, but what are the differences? Thanks a lot for your time. Good luck everyone!

  18. Indeed … this is great, i was already starting to dl from this other site which was taking forever, very helpful.

  19. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!

    BB doesn’t post that info ANYWHERE. You’d think they would, right?


  20. I have the dvd’s, but not the calendar or logs. Thanks a lot for making it available. Great site by the way!

  21. Thank you for the downloads Maggie. I saw your before and after photos, OMG your HOT!

  22. absolutely :dbell: Fantastic :barbells: :claplow:
    thanks Maggie for sharing
    for others still asking where are the links ๐Ÿ˜ฏ open your eyes and read through the page :D:D

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