TT W10D2: Morning Workouts Are The Way To Go

I missed a planned Forza workout last night after I took a detour on the drive home from work to pick up this week’s groceries. I was further sidetracked when I got to the house by some bulk meal prep and some finalizing of my wedding invitation design in Adobe Illustrator.

This just confirms that I MUST get in all of the baseline workouts in my plan in the morning. Evenings are just too unpredictable for me and my motivation is usually lower after a day at work even though my strength and stamina are much better at night than in the mornings as evidenced by my chin up numbers. I’m still going to get in the Forza tonight while my sweet potato “fries” and garlic/cilantro Thai street vendor’s chicken breasts bake in the oven, but that is it as far as my core workouts go. I have the option of doing extra cardio, yoga, or other activities not on my basic plan at night, but ALL standard workouts are going to be done at 7 AM Sunday-Friday even if I feel like death warmed over.

My new Sun-Fri workout schedule is posted in my nifty new calendar. I’ve shifted things around so I do all of my lifting on Su/Tu/Th only and work on cardio and other aspects of fitness M/W/F with Saturday off. This will hopefully keep me from feeling too burned out and still give me some leeway to add in more cardio as necessary in the evenings or during lunch breaks. I’m in no rush to bump up cardio as of yet, though.

Since the fat loss has slowed down in the past two weeks, I am now alternating between 1550 calories on non-lifting days (baseline diet) and 1800 calories on lifting days (baseline diet + PWO dextrose/whey/BCAA shake). I haven’t been as clean as I could be, so I am working on that as well this week. We’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I am going to focus on getting to sleep at a reasonable hour (11:30 pm is this week’s goal) for the rest of the month of March. Just getting up half an hour earlier so I can get in just 15 minutes or so of yoga a day before heading out to the gym for my “real” workouts should free up the time I would normally have to allot to flexibility training on my cardio-only days for some higher-intensity activities that leave yoga in the dust when it comes to fat burning.

– TT Workout A
A1) BB Romanian Deadlift (3×8 @ 95 lbs)
A2) DB Flat Chest Press (3×8 @ 40 lbs)
B1) DB Row (3×8 @ 37.5 lbs)
B2) Elevated (Kneeling) Push-ups (3×8 per side)

– TT Workout B
A1) Chin-ups (Full/eccentric – 3 x 8, 7/1, 2/6) *Really need to get up earlier and eat something. V. weak this morning on chins.
A2) BB Sumo Squat (3×8 @ 135, 145, 145 lbs)
B1) DB Step-up (3×8 @ 30 lbs)
B2) Cable Lateral Raise (3×8 @17.5 ; subbed 2 sets of DB bent arm lateral raises @ 12.5 lbs because all cable stations were in use by other gym patrons)

– Personal Trainer: Leg Circuit
1) BB stationary lunge (3×15 @ 85 lbs each side)
2) Lying hamstring curls with manual resistance (3×10)
3) Fire hydrant combo (3×20 each side)
4) Kickbacks (3×10 each side)
5) Single leg squat (3×10 each side)
6) BB Plie’ squat (3×12 @ 95 lbs)

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