TT W10D4: Strong

New TT workout today, finally. I was getting tired of the last 4 week block. I got to the gym at 7:30 for shoulders with Ashlee, then did my new TT workout right afterwards. My shoulders are still a bit blasted from Forza Tuesday night so I went lighter today than usual. The new TT workout was great, though I am still trying to get the right weights down for each exercise. I went too light on the BB rows and DB split squat initially.

While I was doing my DB split squat/low incline DB chest press superset, I had the joy of having one of the independent trainers working nearby tell me, “You are STRONG.”

Muahahahahaha…I know I am just okay by fitness blogger standards, but at my little neighborhood gym where most women aren’t sure if they can even lift a 20 lb dumbbell, I may as well be Supergirl.

While I was doing shoulders I overheard a trio of women two benches over in a small group session with another trainer.

One of them said, “I don’t know…I don’t think you can do 40 lbs.”

I looked over thinking, Hey! Rock on! Another chick does flat chest presses with 40 lb dumbbells like me! Must see what she looks like!

Alas, the trainer was handing the woman lying on the flat bench a 40 lb BARBELL.

Oh well.

So far today I’ve downed one PWO shake and 2 planned meals. Food has been clockwork perfect, water intake is good, and workouts are caught up. Between the laptop leverage, my impending wedding, inspiration from watching 300, and a general burning desire to have my body fat percentage back in the teens where I am happiest, this cut is going to kick butt! My weight has stabilized at 144 lbs and 20.6% bf, so I am using that as my starting point. 14 lbs and 5.6% bf% to go!

I plan to go back to basics these 6 weeks for the current Pink Dumbbells fat loss challenge. No substitutions, no overthinking, no going anywhere without planned meal(s), no missed workouts (unless I lose a limb, and then I will work my remaining body parts), and most of all, no excuses. I’m just going to do it and not dwell on deprivation, tiredness, or busy work hours, because no amount of supportive, feel-good coddling, convoluted rationalizations, and “Aww, it’s all right’s” if I mess up is going to get me to my goal.

If good wishes, backpatting, and online encouragement for what amounts to a repeated and systematic failure to stick to plan translated into real world fat loss, there would be a million uber-fit women online on all of the fitness and weight loss boards across the Internet. There is a point at which “emotional support” turns into something more like “enabling failure,” and if you find yourself in that ugly place where you constantly subconsciously self-sabotage your program because you thrive on the attention and virtual hugs that come with every admission of dietary wrongdoing or skipped exercise, it is time to snap out of it and find a different peer group that is full of successful Doers focused on their goals whose drive and knowledge will inspire you to stick to your guns, not your familiar and comfortable circle of peers who talk the talk but do not walk the walk, and, as a result, keep finding themselves back at square one month after month.

This is all about consistency in maintaining a reasonable caloric deficit and in performing your workouts with the correct volumes, variety, and intensity. And wanting the end results badly enough. And not giving a crap about what other people are eating (that you can’t) or doing/not doing (while you are sweating out buckets at the gym…again).

I am going rock my wedding gown like a female Spartan (Mmm….300!), and the rest of the excuse-making, sofa-sitting, pizza-eating, soda-chugging world can go take a hike. Or buzz away on their mobility scooters, promising that they will get started on a healthier life tomorrow or next week.


I am stronger than that.


Shoulder workout with trainer
A1) DB Shoulder Press (3×12 @ 15 lbs)
A2) DB Low/High/Full Lateral Raise (3×6 each type @ 7.5 lbs)
B1) DB Bentover Rear Delt Raise (3×12 @ 7.5 lbs)
B2) DB Low/High/Full Lateral Raise (3×6 each type @ 7.5 lbs)

TT Week 9-12 Workout A
A1) DB Split Squat (3×8 @ 45 lbs)
A2) DB Low-Incline Press (3×8 @ 35 lbs)
B1) BB Row (3×8 @ 65, 75, 85/75 lbs)
B2) 1-leg Stability Ball Curl (3×8 per side)

0) PWO whey/dextrose/BCAA shake
1) 3 egg whites, 1 oz. raisins, 1/2 c. oats
2) 3/4 c. low fat cottage cheese, 3/4 c. grapes
3) General Tso’s chicken with veggies and 1/3 c. oats
4) 2 rice cakes, 1 T. pb, 2 T. salsa, 1/2 c. carrots
5) Spicy chicken breast tacos with 2 T. salsa and sauteed spinach and tomatoes
6) 1.5 scoops vanilla whey with 1 t. cocoa

8 thoughts on “TT W10D4: Strong

  1. I have never needed a post more in my life than this one….I was litteraly teetering on the edge of “do I want to do my second workout today, it is rainy and I have laundry to do and yadadada”….THANKS! – And I am sure that the wedding dress will have a hard time doing you justice.

  2. “If good wishes, backpatting, and online encouragement for what amounts to a repeated and systematic failure to stick to plan translated into real world fat loss, there would be a million uber-fit women online on all of the fitness and weight loss boards across the Internet. There is a point at which “emotional support” turns into something more like “enabling failure,””

    Maggie – we haven’t had a rant like this for you in months – more please! I’m missing the caustic in your musings…

  3. I’m learning to take a different approach to the sofa-loving people.

    It seems that the couch seeking type know best when it comes to weight loss. They buy their fat blockers that will give them anal leakage & stain their underwear. They thrive on telling people that their version of Atkins ( no fruit or veggies, just greasy cuts of nasty meat that I wouldn’t feed my dogs) is the only possibly way to lose weight .And exercise, you’ve got to be kidding! Why should they do that when they can just as easily sh** themselves and eat garbage.

    I’ve begged some of these people to please turn their ways around as where they are heading is all over the wall and I was verbally squashed for it. Okay, fine! I don’t say anything anymore, instead I continue to go about my business as I have and I’m going to wait.

    All of them are already complaining about feeling like crap most of the time and none of them are getting anywhere fast. In the meantime I’m chugging along losing at a steady 1-2 pounds a week, sleeping, eating 6 times a day, and getting my cardio and resistance training in. If I had an extra set of arms yesterday I would have ripped off the set that were sore, but I got past it. This morning they didn’t hurt at all, so is all. DOMS came, acted like a biotch for 2 days and silently left while I was sleeping.

    I’m not going back to the pill-poppers to rub it in their faces as I know they be eating mud soon enough from either starvation or dehydration. *shrugs* I tried to be reasonable and they got nasty about it, so the hell with them. Let them eat their organic mud pies. I know they won’t come to me in search of sympathy as I have no problem with saying “See, I told you so! So how are those orange undies treating ya anyway?”

  4. YES! It started off as a normal post and ended pure motivation! Love it, thanks!

  5. Hi Maggie.

    Well you saw my post the other day about attempting the 40 lb dumbell bench sets – so I’m happy there aren’t legions of females at your little gym outbenching me, and that you are the strongest one 🙂

  6. Thanks Maggie,
    I’m usually the one kicking peoples butt to the gym but was thinking of blowing it off myself today. Your post gave me the kick in the butt I needed! I feel your woes about cramming everything in… my wedding is less that 6 weeks away and I’m full speed ahead in the Afterburn program.

    It takes a gut check everyonce in awhile to remember what it is you really want… and damn it… I want the fit body of my dreams!

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