Not Progress Photos, but…

Here are a few belated engagement pictures from the photo shoot by Lake Lily in Maitland with Chris last Sunday. The photos were taken by Lori Barbely in exchange for some PHP work I did for her photography studio’s web site.



Did 30 minutes of YF cardio/calisthenics instead of yoga to wake up because I was feeling pretty limber and recovered overall but puffy from the planned cheat meal and day off from exercise yesterday. Followed up with TT core, and did my TT intervals outside with a run around the neighborhood.

– YF Cardio (30 min)
– TT Core A (12 min)
– TT Interval Run (22 min -> 5 min jog warm up, 6 sets of 1 min sprint/1 min jog, 5 min walk jog cooldown)

Done with workouts for this week!

(Of course, next week starts tomorrow with TT weights/core/intervals again, haha…)

Now I’m off to my cousin’s wedding where I will pick the foods most closely matching my nutrition plan and hopefully burn a few extra leisure calories doing the Electric Slide and Chicken Dance. 😉

7 thoughts on “Not Progress Photos, but…

  1. hey maggie-
    i’m a lurker from Renee’s site. i’ve been reading for a while. the pictures are adorable!
    quick question for you-
    i seem to remember you having a site in your links that was a super “one week lean out” type thing that Alywn wrote for a body building site…was that you? or am i insane 🙂

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