Three Turbulence Training Programs for $9.95

4/30/07 UPDATE: I just learned that the April Mass At Home TT workout will be available for download for the rest of May, plus an additional 4-week monthly workout from his archive of almost 2 dozen unique TT workouts will be added as a bonus after May 14, so you can actually get four TT workouts for $9.95. Basic level members can vote on the workout that they want to be re-released. Cool, eh?

Here’s Craig Ballantyne’s email about the offer:

First, to all new monthly members, I owe you an apology, because you may not have been able to access the April workout of the month.

So to make up for my error, what I’m going to do for all monthly members is this…

1. I’m going to leave the April workout up for the rest of May…
2. I’m going to pull a workout from the Monthly archives and let all monthly members have access to it for May…but it’s up to you which manual you want…so post your choice on the message board…


I’ve been getting some emails and questions regarding the Turbulence Training program I am using, so I thought I’d share what I consider is a pretty slick deal for readers who want to try TT for themselves but aren’t quite ready to invest $40 for the full program.

Until May 1, 2007, you have the opportunity to finagle a fantastic sampler of three different 4-week Turbulence Training programs plus the full TT nutrition plan by Dr. Chris Mohr for only $9.95.


Sign up for the Basic Level membership at for $9.95 (This is a monthly subscription rate, but you can cancel the monthly subscription after the initial $9.95 charge if you don’t want to continue with the membership for a total investment of $9.95) before May 1, and you will be able to download the following TT manuals and receive a month of access to the TTmembers expert fat loss interview series and the discussion forums where you can post questions about the programs and have TT creator Craig Ballantyne himself help you out.

  • April 2007 TT Monthly Workout – Mass At Home: A 4-week muscle-building program that can be done completely at home with nothing more than dumbbells and a bench.
  • April 2007 Mass At Home Log Sheet
  • April 2007 Mass At Home Exercise Demonstration Video
  • Original 4-week TT Bodyweight Workout: A full 4-week TT fat loss program using just bodyweight exercises–great for when you are on the road and can’t get to a full gym
  • Dr. Chris Mohr’s TT Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines: The detailed nutrition plan designed for use with the Turbulence Training workouts by Dr. Chris Mohr (I’d call this the Cliff Notes version of Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition.)

And AFTER May 1 (while your month of membership is still active), you will be able to download the May 2007 TT Monthly Workout, described by CB here:

An advanced fat loss workout with some new twists and turns to the Turbulence Training methods.

You’re going to think I’m crazy after this one. It’s unconventional, that’s for sure – and there’s a special “challenge workout” in this program – a “TT 300.”

So essentially, you get three month’s worth of great workouts that cover cutting, bulking, and bodyweight/functional exercises, a diet plan that is (cough cough) extremely similar to Precision Nutrition (in case you were thinking about picking that up but understandably balking at the $97 price tag), and a direct line to Craig through his forums for a month in case you need support or just want him or one of the many other experts who hang out there to check out your full regimen and make suggestions.

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing any of his full programs (TT for Fat Loss, TT 6 Month Bodyweight Manual, TT for Women, TT for Mass, etc.), I highly recommend giving this $9.95 TT sampler deal a try first before the April Mass at Home workout is pulled from the basic membership download area. If you do like the programs, you can always purchase the full programs (which are usually 12-24 weeks long) later.

Just remember to cancel your subscription before the full month is up unless you enjoy the membership enough to stay on for continued forum access and a new 4-week TT workout each month or upgrade to the Platinum level membership which includes all the Basic perks plus access to exercise demo videos and every TT manual ever released, including the full programs mentioned above.

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