TT W17D2: May 2007 Get Out! Challenge @ Pink Dumbbells

Saire/physics_poseur is running a May “Get Out!” challenge at Pink Dumbbells to encourage us all to get out of our indoor ruts and take ourselves outdoors to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Sign up here if you want to join in! You don’t have to be on a fat loss/cutting program to participate–just have a general nutrition and workout schedule and a willingness to hit the great outdoors at least three times a week for the month.

A daily check-in thread will be posted to the Fitness Challenges forum at PDB.

Here is my revised plan for May:

1. Run, bike, or Rollerblade outdoors at medium intensity or HIIT style 2 days/week.
2. Walk outside 4 days per week during lunch, weather permitting. (It’s almost T-storm season here!)
3. Reduce scale weight to 134 lbs
4. Read one chapter of a book or complete one art tutorial per day.

– Take measurements and photos on April 30 and June 1.
– Check in daily on the PDB challenge thread.
– Interim measurements and photos halfway through challenge.

Program Used:

– Turbulence Training for Women
– Turbulence Training May 2007 “300 Workout”

My Stumbling Blocks:
1. I don’t wake up in time to work out in the morning.
2. I don’t drink my green tea or enough water on the weekends.
3. The longer I have been cutting, the more likely I am to substitute foods, especially carbs, that are not strictly on plan.

My Solutions:
1. Get to bed by 11:00 pm every weeknight and wake up at 6:30 am.
2. Fill up two half gallon containers with water and iced green tea at the start of the day and make sure that both are finished by the end of the night.
3. Look over my food list again and plan and prepare every meal ahead of time so there are no opportunities to scrounge around for subs.

Workout Plan:
– All primary workouts will begin by 7:00 AM in the morning on weekdays, and by 9:00 AM on weekends.

M- TT Weights, Core, and Intervals (60 min)
T- YF Cardio or Flex (30 min), outdoor run/bike/skate (30 min)
W- TT Weights, Core, and Intervals (60 min)
Th- YF Cardio or Flex (30 min), outdoor run/bike/skate (30 min)
F- TT Weights, Core, and Intervals (60 min)
Sa- Forza, YF Cardio, Kempo X or other indoor cardio DVD/game workout (60 min)
Su- Rest/Gardening outdoors

Nutrition Plan:
– Based on TT and Precision Nutrition guidelines
– Eat 5-6 small meals a day at an average of 1550 calories on non-TT days and 1850 calories on TT days.
– 40/30/30 c/p/f macronutrient ratios
– Minimum 6 servings of fruit/veggies per day.
– One splurge meal consisting of anything I choose may be taken per week, but the total for the day may not exceed 2200 calories.
– Drink a minimum of 14 cups of water and 2 cups of green tea per day.
– Take one multivitamin, six fish oil caps, and one calcium supplement each day.

Starting Measurements:
Weight: 141.6 lbs
BF%: 19.5%
Neck: 12.75
Chest: 34.5
Bicep: 12 unflexed
Forearm: 9.5
Waist: 26
Abdomen: 27.5
Hips: 38
Thigh: 22.75
Calf: 14.75

– Shoulder and Leg Day with Trainer (30 min)
A1) BB Squat (3×10 @ 125 lbs)
A2) Smith Machine Military Press (3×10 @ 30 lbs + bar)
A3) Smith Machine Upright Row (3×10 @ 30 lbs + bar)
B1) BB Walking Lunge (3×10 @ 50 lbs)
B2) BB Power/Sumo Squats (3×10 + 10 pulses after final rep @ 50 lbs)
B3) DB Seated Arnold Press (3×10 @ 20 lbs)

– TTfW Phase 4 Workout B (30 min)
A1) DB Step-up (3×8 @ 35 lbs)
A2) DB Incline Press (3×6 @ 35 lbs)
B1) 1-Leg Hip Ext. plus 1-leg Stability Ball Curl (3×12 for each)
B2) Wide-grip Seated Row (3×8 @ 70 lbs)

– TT Intervals (Treadmill run; 4 mph/8.5-9 mph; 22 minutes total)

– Outdoor walk (4 mph, 25 minutes)

– TT Phase 4 Core B (15 min)

PWO) 1 serving BCAA
1) 40 g raisins, 40 g oats, 1 oz. hickory beef jerky
2) Pineapple soy protein smoothie
3) 3 egg whites/1 whole egg, 1 c. mixed veggies, 2 tangerines
4) 1/2 c. 4% cottage cheese, 1/2 oz. walnuts and trail mix, 1 tangerine
5) 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop whey, 1/2 oz. walnuts and trail mix
6) 3 oz. chicken breast stir-fried with 2 c. mixed veggies and 1/2 oz. peanuts

Supps: 1 multivitamin, 1 calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil caps, 1 serving l-glutamine, 1 serving BCAA