More Turbulence Training Member Bonuses for May (5 TT Programs for $9.95)

I posted back in April that May was a great time to sign up for a basic Turbulence Training membership for just $9.95 (monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time) at because of the great combination of 4-week TT manuals being offered at the time:

– April 2007 – Mass At Home 4-week program

Build muscle at home using only dumbbells and your bodyweight.

To build muscle, you don’t need expensive machines or over-priced supplements. You just need hard work, some free weights, and an appetite. Use this 3-day workout to build mass in your home gym.

– May 2007 – TT “300” Workout 4-week program

An intense, advanced 4-week fat loss program using a variety of rep ranges to get more results in less time. Also includes a “300” TT workout to be done as a challenge at the end of the 4-week program.

Train 3-days per week with weights. Do 2 interval workouts per week after 2 of the weight workouts. Stay active for 30 minutes on off-days.

Includes optional barbell exercises if you have access, otherwise, you can do everything with a bench, dumbbells, and a ball.

And finally, challenge yourself to the TT “300” workout. An intermediate workout challenge. Not as hard as the original “300”, but still a tough 10-minute challenge for Coach CB (who did the original “300” workout in 20-minutes).

– Original 4-week TT bodyweight program (Bodyweight workout for fat loss that can be done anywhere)

The 1st Bodyweight Workout ever written for Turbulence Training. And this one contains an incredible, self-testing challenge that will ensure your workout is super-intense at any fitness level. Give it a try the next time you don’t have access to weights. A 4-week bodyweight TT workout that you can do at home, in the park, or in your hotel. There are 3 levels so that anyone can use it.

– TT Nutrition Guidelines by Dr. Chris Mohr (The nutrition plan that works hand-in-hand with the TT workout manuals)

And, of course, you still get the other perks that come with the basic membership for a full month:

– The Workout of the Month
– The Fat Loss Expert Interviews
– The Fat Loss Teleseminars
– The TT Discussion Forums (Get fast and direct answers to your TT-related questions, post a workout/diet log, etc.)

I thought the above was pretty nifty and already well worth the price of a lunch and tip at a local eatery, but it turns out that Craig Ballantyne has gone ahead and added two more bonus 4-week workout manuals to the list of goodies for May:

January 2007 – Fat Loss

Alligators, Grasshoppers, Pushup Burpees, Stability Ball X-Body Mountain Climbers…

…these are just 4 of the 32 exercises that will work your abs, boost your metabolism, and help you burn calories this month…

This month I’ve built 2 TT Strength Workouts, 2 TT Ab Circuits, 1 Bodyweight Circuit, and 2 Interval Training Sessions into a plan that can be adapted for 3-day training programs or even 6-day per week programs.

There are several new exercises (including the Grasshopper Pushup that you’ll just have to see to understand).

The workouts are fast and fun. After all, just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have 2 hours (or even more than 45 minutes) to spend in the gym.

2007 – The year you lost fat without slow, boring cardio…

November 2005 – Barely Legal Mass Gain

This phenomenal program is a follow-up workout to a wildly successful program that was featured in Men’s Fitness, November 2005. This program kicks butt, period. It’s tough, you’ll get strong, and you’ll build muscle.

Folks who have already signed up should have access to these two new workout manuals already, but if you’ve been on the fence about trying out the program before investing in the main Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual, I still think this is one of the best (and cheapest!) ways to do it.

Just make sure you sign up on or before May 31, 2007 if you are going to bite because Craig has announced that he will be raising the price of the subscription to $19.95/month for basic membership and $297/year for platinum membership.


$19.95 still isn’t bad for five full TT workout manuals and the nutrition plan, but, well, any tightwad fitness fanatic knows that $9.95 is a much better deal, so get in on it soon if you have been hesitating. 😉

(However, if you do sign up before the price hike and decide to keep the membership going after the first month or year, you will be locked in at the current rates of $9.95 for basic and $147 for platinum.)

4 thoughts on “More Turbulence Training Member Bonuses for May (5 TT Programs for $9.95)

  1. I’m thinking of trying TT. I need to lose about 30 pounds, and I need a plan, something to tell me exactly what to do and for how long. (I stink at planning workouts.) And I need for it to not be boring. Would TT fit that description?

    I’ve done BFL with some success, but just never keep going after the 12 weeks. I figure breaking it up into 4-week spurts will help make it more of a lifestyle and alleviate the “OMGoodness, how can I make it thru 12 weeks!!” craziness.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Tiff – I think you will really like TT. The workouts are short but intense (you should be able to finish most of the lifting in half the time it takes to do a BFL upper body or lower body workout) and the cardio is ALL interval style, so you don’t get bored. The intervals are a bit different than the BFL 20 minute solution, but it’s not hard to figure them out.

    I like the fact that the programs switch things up every 4 weeks for me. I don’t mind planning my meals, but when it comes to workouts, I just want to DO them, not concern myself with picking the proper exercises for everything.

  3. Thanks, Maggie!

    I just subscribed and downloaded May’s program. And I’m looking forward to getting back to working out. :dbell:

  4. Hi Maggie — I signed up for the $9.95 membership thanks to you! I was wondering if there’s any way to print the articles or download them to my desktop. Great info & I’d like to be able to refer to it at a later date. Any insight? Thanks.

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