TTW20D5: Lethargy and TT Hard Core Fat Loss

138.0 lbs this morning–A thousand curses upon the demon of female water weight fluctuation! 😆

I’m snarfing down lunch now, but I’ll be doing a 25 minute outdoor walk right afterwards. No workout this morning due to late wake up and general feeling of lethargy which I think is due to low iron from my decision to drop overall calories and blood loss from both TOM and blood donation all in the same week.

Poor planning on my part, that’s for sure.

I’ll hit the weights tonight when I am hopefully a bit more fueled up for my final TTfW workout :claphigh: and be back on the morning workout track with YF and Forza in the morning. We don’t have any social plans this weekend before Monday (besides my regular 6 week hair cut appointment tomorrow morning), so I’ll have plenty of time to look over the TT Hardcore Fat Loss (HCFL) program and familiarize myself with the exercises before I start it up on Monday. The program includes some new exercises for me, including a BB clean and press, a BB complex with four lifts, Spiderman push-up, and siff squat. This one also differs from the other TT programs I’ve done in that it includes 4 days of lifting and 4 sessions of interval cardio instead of the 3/3 built into most of the other Turbulence Training programs. The blurb on the HCFL program claims that it is the most advanced fat loss Turbulence Training regimen in the library.

We’ll see in four weeks, eh? :dbell:

– Outdoor walk (4 mph/25 min)

– TTfW Phase 4 Workout B (35 min)
Warm-up (8 min)

A1) DB Step-up (3×8 @ 40 lbs)
A2) DB Incline Press (3×6 @ 40 lbs)
B1) 1-Leg Hip Ext. plus 1-leg Stability Ball Curl (3×12 for each)
B2) Bodyweight Rows (subbed in for Wide-grip Seated Row) (3×8)

– Bodyweight Interval Circuit (20 min)

1) 3 egg whites, 1/2 c. light soy milk, 30 g oat cereal, 25 g Go Lean Crunch cereal
2) 1 small banana, 0.5 oz. pecans
3) 3 oz. lean beef round, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix, 1 medium pear
4) 1 T. ANPB, 2 unsalted rice cakes
5) 3 oz. lean beef round, 3 c. spinach/lettuce salad, 2 T. light dressing, 1 small orange
6) 1/2 oz. almonds, 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop whey protein

Supps: 1 multivitamin, 1 calcium 600+D, 3 fish oil caps, 1 serving l-glutamine

7 thoughts on “TTW20D5: Lethargy and TT Hard Core Fat Loss

  1. Have you considered an iron supplement? I’ve been looking into one myself as I’ve been cutting down on my red meat consumption and drink lots of coffee. I’ll let you know if I find a good one…..

    Cute anti-spam words, btw!

  2. I know you’ve probably been told this a thousand times, but don’t focus too much on the scale… it only makes you feel crappier when you see a number you don’t like.

    Also, before you supplement with iron, check if you really need it. Extra iron in your blood is just as not good as low iron.

    I love your smiley faces :prop:

  3. Cynthia – I think this is just an unusually low iron week for me. I do get plenty of spinach, a serving or two of red meat per week, and a daily multivitamin with iron, so I normally don’t feel so sluggish each month, TOM or not. But if you do find a good iron supplement, let me know!

    Cassandra – No worries about the scale; I’m way too analytically-minded to get emotionally hung up about a number. It’s all just data to me, and I’m not really sure WHY some women go nuts over a few digits.

    I really just wanted to write a sentence that included “curses!” :mrgreen:

    All of my pants are liking me a lot more these days instead of squeezing my legs to death and my chest is once again leaving me, so I know the body fat is dropping. I’ll know if I’ve succeeded if I need to stuff socks in my bodice to keep my wedding dress up.

  4. Socks…:lol:

    I don’t know what I’m laughing about as I need to go out and buy all new bras now as I spent my entire workout adjusting and readjusting the girls so they wouldn’t fall out. 🙄

  5. Oh good Maggie, Glad you’re not too crazed over the scale. Sometimes I don’t even know why I own one.

    So, you dieted with Kim O, eh? I’ve always been interested in his dieting techniques.

    And yes, it would be nice if exercise was all we needed to get to a low body fat %… not that 18/19% isn’t low though…

    I’m bumping up my cardio next week to a full hour for sure not matter what. Hope it gets me down a bit…

    By the way, I’ve always wanted to ask: what’s OARS? ❓

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