TT HCFL W1D4: Time to Catch Up

Whew…I hope everyone had a great three day weekend! I was so tired after my three days “off” that I felt like I needed another two days to recover. Chris and I wound up using the weekend to tie up some more loose ends for the wedding.

Friday: Kicked off the weekend with cheat meal dinner at Olive Garden with Chris and a 10 PM showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Crawled into bed at 2:40 AM.

Saturday: Woke up in a panic when I realized that I had a hair appointment with Dante at 10:15 AM and had to motor at high speed to the salon. Left a while later a bit lighter on my pate and wallet with an appointment set for the morning of the wedding for a trim and style. Drove directly to DSW Shoes in Altamonte Springs to look for a pair of shoes to wear on the big day. Realized with some annoyance that my feet must have shrunk in the past few years or shoe makers are indulging in vanity sizing for bloated American feet as well as inflated American waistlines. (I normally wear a size 8 or 8.5 running shoe, but in dress shoes I could wear anything from a 6.5 up to a 7.5 at the store. WTH?) Found a few okay pairs of shoes, but nothing I considered worthy of a $49.95 price tag. Spent next few hours scouring Shoe Carnival, Ross, TJ Maxx, Macys, Dillards, Charlotte Russe, Shoe Dept., Journeys, Payless, and finally Sears before finding cute, not too high, comfortable, and under $30 shoes at my final stop. (I got them in a pale silver, not the pictured black.) Drove home at 5:30 PM starving and in a grumpy mood from being forced to spend the day in crowded malls and stores. That was way too much humanity for me.

Spent rest of day online examining photos and price tags of flower arrangements, bouquets, and party favors while bulk cooking some more food. Went to bed appalled at how much people spent on wedding junk.

Sunday: Hit the country club where the wedding and reception will be held with Chris to iron out details like number of tables, how much alcohol to order, and what decorations will be needed. Visited Old Time Pottery and Lowes afterwards and bought enough red glass bowls, mirror panels, and tea lights for 20 centerpieces for under $43 total. Will be snipping free gardenias off our bush next to the garage to float in the bowls as a finishing touch. Also stopped by Joann’s Fabric where I used a 40% off coupon to score a fake pearl and rhinestone tiara and gave Chris the 10% off total purchase coupon for a few other wedding decoration items, including a $14.99 veil.

Got home with swag, split up as Chris went to geek out with his buddies and I placed some online orders for more wedding stuff. Played around with veil and tiara and decided that tiara was a bad idea with current edgy razor cut, layered hairdo as there wasn’t enough hair left for a secure mounting of sparkly headgear. Determined that tiara must go back to store for full refund Monday. Not so sure about veil either.

Monday: Returned tiara, but kept veil. Went to grocery store to buy salad fixings and fruit. Attended Memorial Day BBQ at friends’ house and ate too much. Develop a migraine headache by 6 pm and have to go to bed early after taking two extra strength Tylenol knock off caplets to get rid of it.

Tuesday: Planned on starting TT Hard Core Fat Loss manual, but was awakened by loud PDA alarm reminding me of 7:10 AM dental appointment to put in a new porcelain crown. Settle for a quick 30 minute YF cardio session before appointment instead. Get pretty new crown installed and fitted, then drive directly to gym where I defaulted to a TTFW weight workout and 30 minutes of intervals on a stationary bike. Worked late.

Wednesday: Finally did a TT HCFL workout (Day 3). Was bummed to see that it included more front squats as I was getting tired of them from TTFW Phase 4. Did them anyway. Stayed late at work again, partly to finish a Star Wars UI redesign and partly to participate in a company-sponsored life drawing session for staff artists. Got home around 9 PM, watched DVR’ed History Channel special on Star Wars, and fell asleep reading David Bach’s Smart Women Finish Rich.

Thursday: I got my workout done this morning:

– 30 minute TT interval B run on the treadmill (60 seconds @ 8.5 mph/ 90 seconds @ 4 mph x 6 sets plus 10 minutes steady state at 6.5 mph)
– 30 minute recumbent bike at level 6-8 / 80 rpm

Depending on how late I have to stay at work, I may do 30 minutes of YF flex or cardio tonight.

I’m extremely hungry right now, but I am holding out until my next meal at 6 pm. I am officially giving up on the 1250 calorie low zigzag days. I just blow meal 6 and add extra carbs when I try to stay that low and usually wind up right back at 1400-1500. I can still lose fat at that range, so why set myself up for failure?

1) 1.5 c. oat cereal, 3 walnuts, 1/2 c. light soy milk, 1/4 scoop protein powder
2) Pineapple soy protein smoothie
3) 3 oz. grilled pork loin, 1.5 c. asparagus veggie mix, 1 pear
4) 2 unsalted rice cakes, 1 T. all natural peanut butter
5) 3 oz. lean beef with salsa, 3 c. lettuce/spinach/tomato salad, 2 T. light French dressing
6) 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1/2 oz. walnuts/almonds

10 thoughts on “TT HCFL W1D4: Time to Catch Up

  1. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie….

    I’ve been a lurker reading your blog for a while. It’s very inspiring!

    But I’ve got to step in and make a comment because you’ve hit a nerve. As a woman with size 10.5 feet, I find your comments about “bloated American feet” to be rather rude and insensitive. Believe me, nothing short of foot binding would give me smaller feet. My large feet – as well as my height – are something that I cannot control with *any* amount of diet and exercise!

    PS – You are very lucky that you can find dress shoes that fit! 10.5 is the size that is almost never carried in stores. I’m relegated to a life of (a) special ordering, (b) buying sizes that don’t quite fit, or (c) wearing men’s shoes. Additionally, many shoes that look cute as a 7 or 8 look absolutely monstrous as a 10.5! So no whining, eh? 😉

  2. Your wedding planning is making me itch to start mine! (I’m getting married next Aug 08, so still have time.)

    I pigged out too this weekend, but that was the plan, thankfully it was only ONE really bad pig out day though which mainly consisted of eating almost an entire bag of corn chips and actually eating an entire whole bag of Sun Chips (those things are great).

    I hear you on too much repetition in the gym. If you were board of FS, you should have switched it to DB box back squats… those work the arms just as much as the legs.

    Good to see you back! 🙂

  3. Erika–Cool! My first de-lurk of the month! I think you took my offhand comment about shoe size the wrong way entirely. I wasn’t attacking folks with larger feet at all. I was trying to point out that unless MY feet have shrunk since I last bought a pair of dress shoes two years ago, shoe manufacturers seem to be following the lead of the clothing makers and doing some vanity sizing, because I have ALWAYS bought dress shoes in size 8 or 8.5 until this weekend. Now I’m afraid to order dress shoes or sandals from Zappos or other online sellers because I have no idea what size I’ll need, and I hate wasting time in malls. :grumpy:

    And what’s wrong with buying men’s shoes? I do it all the time when I need new running shoes. You can find some fantastic bargains (and much cooler colors) in the men’s clearance area at!

  4. Cassandra – Congratulations on YOUR upcoming wedding! I’ll look into an alternate exercise for the FS. I think 4 consecutive weeks of them are enough!

  5. Hey Maggie– keep at it! It really is great to read a blog which is fitness focused, but intelligent/funny, rather than dreary/neurotic. Well, a little neurotic is okay— adds flavor.
    I am a little relieved to hear that you’re cutting out the 1,200 calorie days. 😉 For me, this level of deprivation isn’t worth it, and I doubt I’d be able to do it again.

  6. mens shoes are fine until you’re wearing a dress 😉 and i hear you about malls….

  7. Aggggggghhh, you’re giving me flashbacks to my own wedding planning! I’m with you on hating the crowded stores and malls; I always come home grumpy on those kinda days. Reading your post is making me want a nap! The end result is definitely worth all the work though; I had sooooo much fun at my reception! 🙂 And I love being married to my DH. :love:

    And I hear you on the 1200 cals…I gave that a whirl again too but it makes me turn into :evil::bite:

  8. I’m fnding the same thing about shoes. I don’t think it’s a vanity sizing thing, I think it might be a quality control thing, especially in dress shoes. It is amazing what people spend on misc. wedding stuff.

    BTW, was able to try some Dymazite Elite protein and so far there’s no problems. I hope it lasts!

  9. ugh migraines! aleve works better than tylenol. And if you can get a prescription get yourself some Maxalt melty tabs. Take one at the first twinge and you won’t even know you were about to have a headache. Those things are like magic.

    Good luck with the wedding. I was going through similar trials last summer, but everything turned out so much better than I expected. I wore white satin bedroom slippers under my dress. 🙂

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