Major Geek

So I took the Geek Test again today after noticing Cathy’s link to it in her blog. I remember hitting this thing up a few years ago and feeling unaccountably annoyed because some of my co-workers at n-Space scored higher than I did. (Damn programmers!)

Anyhow, at the grand old age of 32….

major geek

39.05325% on the Geek Scale, yeah!


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2 thoughts on “Major Geek

  1. guess I’m not a geek in the technical sense as I didn’t even know what half that stuff was about and ranked as a “geek poser” with a 4.9%

    But just the fact I wasted 5 minutes doing that qualifies me in my book.

    p.s. I’m finally starting to catch up to you in the weights!

  2. 23.47 – being a food/lit geek out to give more points 😀
    Being a lit geek has worked out well for beta testing games, tho – no one writes a bug report like an English major 🙂

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