TT HCFL W1D3: The Get Out Of Bed Earlier Plan

I’ve been away long enough, I think!

I’m still working on two different titles at the office that are really starting to ramp up in their development cycles, and the wedding is a mere 3.5 weeks away, so you could say that my time is at a premium these days.

I started strong with the TT Hard Core Fat Loss program this Monday (I’m “resetting” my logging of this cycle to W1 since my schedule was so screwed up last week), but was denied my usual morning workout times the past two mornings by:

1) an early visit by the air conditioner technician to check out the mysterious leak that has been creating a soggy wet spot in the hallway carpet for the past week (the pan inside the unit has rusted and the whole thing may need to be replaced–a $2400-$4200 repair, depending on whether we replace the fan outside, too)

2) wedding planning-induced insomnia and a very early be-at-your-desk-a-major-publisher-is-visiting-us work day today.

I will hit the Day 2 workout (barbell complexes plus a 4-exercise bodyweight cardio sequence) for the first time tonight after work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a regular quitting time tonight. I’ll be spending most of my lunch break attempting to stretch out my glutes and hamstrings and alleviate some of the heinous DOMS from Monday’s three sets of 60 deadlifts.

I’m keeping my intake at an average of 1500-1600 clean calories for now, keeping up with my water and green tea quota, and just focusing on not munching at night when I get home. My meal plan is more or less SGX/TT/PN in style with starchy carbs either eaten early in the morning or centered around workouts only, but I allow myself to have fruit as a carb later in the day if I’m just not feeling a straight protein/veggie/healthy fat craving. This seems to be working fine for fat loss without making me miserable and weak, so I plan to just cruise along like this through the wedding.

I’ve also written down my core values (in life and finances) and the top 7 or so life goals for the next 3 years as suggested by David Bach in Smart Women/Couples Finish Rich and outlined the steps I’ll need to take to achieve them in excruciating but very satisfying (if you are mildly OCD like me) detail in my Palm OS Shadowplan program.

The first major step was to revise and streamline my daily schedule to make room for some self-directed continuing education (learning PHP, mastering certain graphics programs, drawing time, etc.). In the process, I finally admitted to myself that an earlier wake up and bed time are in order because I simply cannot predict how much time or energy I will have at the end of the day to accomplish these things. I’ve already observed the damaging influence of the Evening Couch Monster, the Three Emotionally-Needy Felines, and Random Social Events on my intentions to exercise in the PM hours; they have the same negative effect on my drive to do ANYTHING productive after work.

I’m even going to keep up with the early mornings on the weekends in order to knock out the required stuff (workouts, grocery shopping, gardening, bills, bulk cooking, laundry) before 12:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday each week. About 80% of the time this will get my major weekly duties and two meals out of the way before Chris has even been awake for more than an hour.


Monday’s Workout
1A) DB Flat Press (3×6 @ 40 lbs)
1B) DB Row (3×6 @ 40 lbs)
2A) DB Triple Press (3×6 @ 25 lbs)
2B) BB Row (3×10 @ 55 lbs)
3) Deadlift (3×20 @ 65 lbs)

Interval Workout A – Burpees (3 sets)

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