Before your wedding, is it normal…

…to keep having dreams that you are already married but somehow can’t remember anything at all about the ceremony or reception?

Honestly, I don’t FEEL stressed about the wedding when I’m awake, but every few days I have a dream that it’s the day after the wedding already or that I’m in the middle of the reception. It’s just weird because the ceremony itself is always skipped. I have this sense of relief that everything is finally over coupled with a feeling of disappointment that I somehow blacked out during all the good parts, hah!

Stuff to do for the next week and a half:

– My sister arrives tomorrow night to help with some of the last wedding details, including helping me hem my $99 David’s Bridal gown and putting together all of the party favor boxes.

– Finish writing vows and email them to the officiant

– Send wedding day schedule to DJ, photographer, and videographer

– Try not to hyperventilate or :eekb: when thinking about how much I paid last Saturday at the florist for a few pounds of artistically-arranged flowers.

– Call up Taiwanese and American bakeries and order 6 regular sized cakes from each. (Big fat wedding cakes are overrated. I’d rather let my guests pick what they want from a selection like this: Decadent Desserts at Publix and fruity Taiwanese cakes.)

– Finish Badgley Mischka dress, just in case.

– Sew strapless, flared Butterick (B4389) dress for rehearsal dinner. I have it already cut out in a slightly stretchy gunmetal blue-grey satin with a textured white chiffon overlay printed with stylized blue-grey leaves.

– Keep up with my meals and workouts. I’m putting the TT hardcore fat loss program on hold and going on autopilot with a combination of Yourself Fitness, P90X, Forza, and interval cardio workouts for the next two weeks. I have been forced to admit that I have too much stuff to do and need the convenience of being able to fall out of bed into my trusty Asics and just start doing my daily workout clad in my PJs without going through the usual pre-gym rigamarole of finding a semi-cute outfit, convincing my hair not to stand straight up, eating something light at least 30 minutes before my TT session so I won’t have a lame workout, and driving out to the gym.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of friends and family next week, but whew…a small part of me (which apparently likes to take over my REM sleep) really does wish this was all behind me already.

That Key West honeymoon can’t arrive soon enough for me.


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6 thoughts on “Before your wedding, is it normal…

  1. I just got married on the 9th and went through EXACTLY what you’re going through right now. It really was like a 200 pound weight lifted off me the day after the wedding. I dont think we realize even subconsciously how much stress the planning puts onto us. I truly hope that you enjoy and savor every minute of your wedding day and honeymoon and that it brings you as much joy as mine did. :claplow: Looking forward to hearing all about it after the fact! :wiz:

  2. I dreamed that everything on the day went off 2 hours behind schedule! But it all went fine, so I guess that was my unconscious telling me not to worry if everything wasn’t perfect.

    I did wake up at 4:30 that morning and could not go back to sleep, so if you have a sleep aid or something that you usually use and know the effects it has on you, you might want to have one handy!

    Oh, and EAT whenever you can on the wedding day! :eat: I had a fairly good-sized breakfast before I went to the hairdresser at 10:00, which is good because it was the last solid food I ate until dinner at 4:30! You don’t want your blood sugar crashing at a critical moment!

  3. Hi there,
    I’m newish here but have been reading for awhile. Love your stuff.
    I have a strange feeling you’re going to rock your wedding hardcore – good luck with this final, finishing straight-away! I admire people who plan their own weddings – it makes me tired just to think about it!

  4. Maybe it’s your brain’s way of telling you to be sure and SAVOR every minute of your actual wedding ceremony because it’s over all too soon. Really, it is. Mine was 12 years ago and it happened so fast.

    You’re going to be a gorgeous, buff bride!:)

  5. I can’t believe it is almost your wedding day. I had to double check your counter to make sure.

    Thanks for being so open about your health/life/fitness stuff in the midst of being in full on wedding mode. Best wishes to you on this last bit of prewedding stuff, and very best wishes to you on the afterwards 🙂

  6. The weird wedding dreams are completely normal. I had them too. And I did feel relieved when the ceremony was over. The reception was a blast! Ryan and I danced all night and keep things lively. The biggest relief? Getting home again after the reception and realizing you just pulled it off! :claplow:

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