Tis the Season to be Social

What is it about summer that makes people suddenly want to gather together in large groups and be merry?

Here are some photos from my various diet-busting (but fun!) weekend outings this month:

The 3rd Annual John Stone Fitness Cheat Meal, Saturday, June 9, 2007 at Sam Seltzer’s Steakhouse in Altamonte Springs, FL.

Group JSF photo

My karaoke buddy Sarah’s Karaoke and Sushi birthday dinner at Kimono’s at the Disney Dolphin and Swan resort on June 15.

The whole Gran Cru karaoke crew at Kimono's!
I am so ROCKING the Summer of '69 here.

My co-worker Ed’s 80’s Karaoke Party, Saturday, June 23.

Me and the n-Space crew
Chris is tearing it up in Guitar Hero with co-worker Alex

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10 thoughts on “Tis the Season to be Social

  1. Lovin’ the 80’s look but what’s up with the dude in the white fuzzy headdress? I’ve gone back through all my 1980’s references and can’t pin it!
    Also, I love the woman in the top photo – dead center, wearing turquoise – she’s totally fitness-posing in her bold-print flared skirt. That’s rad.

  2. LOL….Fuzzy headdress guy was our host, Ed. He was supposed to be “Falcor” the giant flying dog from the Neverending Story.

  3. Maggie – you look like you were rocking the karaoke stage there too! LOL. I’ve never done it… but you might have just inspired me to try sooner than later.

  4. Time is ticking! Hope all is well… are you excited? Nervous? Can’t wait for pics! Remember to enjoy your big day. Best wishes to you and Chris!

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