I’m married!

Folks, I have officially survived the wedding and this time, I actually remember the ceremony and reception.

It was a blast, by the way, despite the wacky DJ with absolutely NO emcee skills and overcast skies before the ceremony. I didn’t stutter or choke up during the vows, neither of my dresses malfunctioned, Chris and I survived our first dance (a waltz to Journey’s Open Arms because our #1 choice Seal’s Kiss From A Rose was, er, too quick for ballroom n00bs like us), and we have a heap of really great personalized messages and artistic scribblings on the scratch off dragon-shaped cards we placed with each Chinese take out favor box complete with nifty red souvenir chopsticks.

I am not even that bummed that we didn’t get more than one bite of cake that night.

Okay, so I am a wee bit bummed. We ordered a huge fruity sponge cake with whipped frosting and fresh fruit from the Taiwanese bakery and five additional regular sized decadent dessert cakes from Publix for the reception. Beyond a bite apiece of the white-frosted chocolate mini wedding cake we cut for the photos, neither of us got any more baked yumminess that night, LOL. I swear that all of the cake was gone before I could blink.


Wedding pics will start trickling into my inbox in a week or two, but I’ll see if I can get a few out to the blog from the Keys this week. No guarantees though! I only have my Treo 650 for web access this week.

And in case you were all wondering, yes, I will return to regular blog posts next Monday with a post-mortem on my wedding planning and budgeting experience and an overview of my next workout and nutrition plan.

Until then, have a great week!