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Running skirt!Attached shorts

I’ve been coveting one of the cute running skirts (basically a sporty A-line lycra mini skirt with built-in shorts underneath) from for the past few months, but the $48 price tag was a deal breaker for me.

Well lo and behold, the twin founders of the company have put a nice selection of their running skirts on sale for $24 each in honor of their birthday.

Check out the color combos and order soon; the sale is for a limited time only!

If I hadn’t sworn off all new clothing purchases until next June, I’d have jumped on this already. I can turn down any number of regular clothes, but show me a piece of 50% off workout gear and my Paypal finger is ready to pull the trigger. As it stands, I will be sifting through my pattern collection to see which ones can be modified to make my own DIY running skirt this weekend.


3 thoughts on “ 50% Off Sale

  1. Heheheee… The one I do have is ALMOST like a bikini bathing-suit bottom with a skirt, if that helps any. :mrgreen: Have fun! 😉

  2. Heyyyyyyyyyy, I think this well publicized “plug” should be worth a freebie! Oh runningskirts? What gives?

  3. The skirt you have pictured is the one that I want – the athletic skirt with the compression shorts. But the ones on sale are the ones with the mesh brief.

    Big bummer.

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