TT HCFL W1D2: July 16 – September 30 Program

First of all, a confession: I had semi-homemade German chocolate cake this morning for breakfast. In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that it was a Duncan Hines boxed cake mix that I made according to the instructions on Saturday to make up for the wedding cake we didn’t get to eat at the reception last week, but the frosting was somewhat modified from the original Disney resort cookbook recipe by substituting applesauce for the 1 cup of butter in the recipe and replacing 1/3 c. of the required 1 cup of sugar with granular Altern (Wal-Mart’s cheapo Splenda knockoff).

That was the last of the cake, though, and I am sticking to clean eats through the end of September. (With scheduled cheat meals, of course.)

I weighed in at a lovely, bloated, post-honeymoon, TTOM weight of 141 lbs this morning, and I’m itching to get back down to my personal happiness zone of 130-134 lbs by September 30. I’m following the TT Hardcore Fat Loss program for the next 4 weeks, then switching to another 4 week Turbulence Training program which I will select later, depending on my progress. I’ll be following my own “favorite foods” nutrition plan based on the following guidelines:

– 6 meals per day
– macros of around 35/40/25 c/p/f
– average of 1550-1700 calories per day
– up to four “90%” meals per week as defined by Precision Nutrition; will attempt to keep this at 1-2 most of the time, which shouldn’t be too tough if my “healthy” menu is loaded up with only meals I love anyway
– any meal that starts to wear thin will be replaced starting the next day with something new from my list of favorite foods (to be posted soon, including recipes)

The major stipulation is that I will NOT eat anything I find revolting, nauseating, or even mediocre, which means limited quantities of bananas and apples, no more plain water and protein powder shakes, absolutely no cottage cheese unless blended into a recipe like EFL Golden Pancakes or healthy lasagna, and definitely no proatmeal.

I have come to the realization that not only do I not want to look back at my life one day and say, “Geez, it sure sucks that I spent all that time running on a treadmill when I hated every minute of it,” I also don’t want to add, “And I REALLY wish I hadn’t wasted all those years trying to convince myself that cottage cheese and protein powder weren’t that bad.”

I have been adamant about not wasting my time or money on people, places, or activities that I don’t like (even if they are supposed to be good for me), and it’s about time that I apply the same philosophy to food. My eats will still be healthy, but they will no longer be VILE, not even a little bit.

It’s true that this won’t be the most efficient way to get lean, but sometimes in real life (which the conditions and restrictions shown in The Biggest Loser and figure competition dieting are most definitely NOT) sustainable is more important than optimal.

I got going with day 1 of the TT HCFL plan yesterday morning with primarily upper body weights and a 12 minute interval sprint session outside. Today was barbell complex and bodyweight interval circuit day, which was also completed in the AM before work.

I have started up a new profile in Yourself Fitness as well since my old one seemed to be broken–I’m on workout #187 or something like that, and still haven’t unlocked any new music or locations since my first 20 workouts–and will also be doing 45 minute YF sessions on Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun. I’m going to override the recommendations and do Flexibility most days because I am still a stiff and creaky gal, but may also toss in Cardio or Core occasionally. There are enough upper and lower body exercises in the TT program to make any extra strength work in these areas pointless.

Anyway, sorry I’ve been an absentee blogger all month long, but I will be here regularly again now that all that crazy wedding stuff is finally behind me.

And I WILL get some photos up once our photographer is finished cleaning them up.


I’m married!

Folks, I have officially survived the wedding and this time, I actually remember the ceremony and reception.

It was a blast, by the way, despite the wacky DJ with absolutely NO emcee skills and overcast skies before the ceremony. I didn’t stutter or choke up during the vows, neither of my dresses malfunctioned, Chris and I survived our first dance (a waltz to Journey’s Open Arms because our #1 choice Seal’s Kiss From A Rose was, er, too quick for ballroom n00bs like us), and we have a heap of really great personalized messages and artistic scribblings on the scratch off dragon-shaped cards we placed with each Chinese take out favor box complete with nifty red souvenir chopsticks.

I am not even that bummed that we didn’t get more than one bite of cake that night.

Okay, so I am a wee bit bummed. We ordered a huge fruity sponge cake with whipped frosting and fresh fruit from the Taiwanese bakery and five additional regular sized decadent dessert cakes from Publix for the reception. Beyond a bite apiece of the white-frosted chocolate mini wedding cake we cut for the photos, neither of us got any more baked yumminess that night, LOL. I swear that all of the cake was gone before I could blink.


Wedding pics will start trickling into my inbox in a week or two, but I’ll see if I can get a few out to the blog from the Keys this week. No guarantees though! I only have my Treo 650 for web access this week.

And in case you were all wondering, yes, I will return to regular blog posts next Monday with a post-mortem on my wedding planning and budgeting experience and an overview of my next workout and nutrition plan.

Until then, have a great week!