TTBWP1 W1D1: The Bodyweight Training Experiment

After some false starts and delays, I have finally begun the six month Turbulence Training Bodyweight workout program. I am committing to at least three months of the program, which should get me through three four-week “phases”. I’m sure I will have a few moments of weakness along the way and periodically cave in to the temptation to lift some iron, but I will only do that on non-TTBW days and always stick to the baseline bodyweight program on M/W/F. I will also be working on my (currently pathetic) flexibility and (even more pathetic) swimming skills during this time and get back into running two days a week in preparation for the winter 5k race season. Mind you, I don’t have any thought of placing in any races, but I would like to get to the point where finishing in under 27 minutes is more of a jog in the park than a lung-busting all-out effort.

Here’s the breakdown of my program for the next 12 weeks, including my Pink Dumbells You Are What You Eat challenge guidelines:

MON: Turbulence Training Bodyweight Phase 1 Workout A (30 min) + Intervals A/Run (30 min)
TUE: Yourself Fitness Flexibility (30 min) + Forza (30 min)
WED: TTBW P1 B (30 min) + Intervals B/Stationary Bike (30 min)
THU: YF Cardio (30 min) + Swim (30 min)
FRI: TTBW P1 C (30 min) + High-Intensity Cardio/Run (30 min)
SAT: YF Flex (30 min) + Forza (60 min)
SUN: Rest and/or optional recreational yoga, swim, or rollerblading

– Based on TT/BFFM nutrition guidelines and Precision Nutrition’s 90% compliance rule
– 1500-1700 calories/day (Sun-Fri)
– 2000 calories on Saturday
– Up to two off-plan meals may be taken on Saturday, but total intake must stay within 2000 calorie limit
– Minimum three 1/2-1 cup servings of vegetables per day to be eaten with breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– Minimum three servings of fruit per day
– 2 cups of green tea and 14 cups of water daily
– Macros between 50/30/20 – 40/30/30 c/p/f
– Restricted Foods (Only allowed on Saturday): ice cream, chips, cold cereal, popcorn, regular baked desserts and pastries (healthy recipe versions okay), deep-fried foods, dairy
– And of course I will still avoid any foods that I do not find truly tasty!

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