What Not To Sing

Note to karaoke self at 1 AM in the K bar: Do not ever attempt anything by Melissa Etheridge in a smoky bar. You don’t have a naturally scratchy voice, your high notes go to hell after 10 seconds of secondhand smoke, and there’s ALWAYS a bleached blond, chain-smoking white chick who will sing the SAME song better than you about 30 minutes after you offer up your own feeble attempt at “Am I The Only One?”.

Same with anything by Stevie Nicks.

And you should probably give up on the dream of White Zombie, Judas Priest, Fuel, and Linkin Park, too. You lack that angsty growl thing.


To everyone else: May anyone who dares to torture my ears again with the following songs develop selective laryngitis until they discover the joys of a more diverse set list.

– I Will Survive
– American Pie
– Let’s Get It On
– Redneck Woman
– Goodbye Earl
– Summer Nights
– Love Shack
– Friends In Low Places
– Anything by Kelly Clarkson

That is all.

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6 thoughts on “What Not To Sing

  1. Maggie, would you provide information for those of us that are new to this blogging thing about how to set up a blog similar to yours? I have looked at a lot of blogs lately, including those linked by your blog… and well, yours seems to have the most thought out design and provides a ton of information.

    I would like to start a blog of my own, as soon I will be undertaking the P90X challenge. Thank you.

    PS. i have a friend in TN that is a K-junkie… and they share your sentiments about songs that are overexposed… as for me… until they put showers in the karaoke bars, I’ll just keep my singing to myself.

  2. Alright, so on a totally unrelated topic .. I am delurking after what must be years of reading your blog to ask this question.( BTW, I love your blog! :em32:)

    I remember reading a while back that you were looking to upgrade to a Polar F6 or F11 heart rate monitor. I am trying to make that very decision right now and was wondering what you had decided and how your choice worked out for you. I’m teetering back and forth and figured your opinion may help me decide which way to go.

    Thanks for your help and Congratulations on your recent wedding 🙂


  3. Maggie,
    Okay, I had some time on my hands and did some “research” and learned a lot about WordPress and DreamHost (and the like). There is one main qustion that you may help me with… why did you go with DreamHost? From what I can see they offer a lot of options and include a referral program, but I imagine a self-proclaimed geek, such as yourself, would have some more insightful reasons… and then again, maybe not.

    Just reading your blog, I wonder how you do it all? Work, exercise, garden, clothing projects, friends and family, pet shelter, etc. etc. etc…. are you related to that drum beating bunny rabbit we see so often on the tele? :em20:


  4. BB – As you discovered in your research, I run WordPress on a Dreamhost hosting account. I went with Dreamhost because they provided the features I wanted (shell access, space, bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, PHP 4/5, one-click installs of the most popular PHP scripts–including WordPress and Gallery, free private domain registration for your primary domain and more for a very reasonable price if you pre-pay for 2 years. They also have a 97 day refund policy in case you don’t like their service. I use WordPress because it is very customizable with plug ins for just about anything and there are literally hundreds of themes available for it for free. I do modify my themes significantly from the original versions to suit my site’s contents when necessary. Basic Photoshop, PHP scripting, HTML, and CSS skills help.

    You can start up a free WordPress blog at WordPress.com and play with it a bit before you commit to setting one up on your own, too.

    jen – I decided to get the Polar F6 because I had a feeling that I’d never get around to using most of the features on the F11. It turns out that I was right. The only thing I don’t like about the F6 is that there is NO stopwatch feature on the thing. Each exercise session is timed on the digital display, but you won’t be able to record milliseconds or lap times unless you wear a second watch. Otherwise, the F6 performs like a champ! I really like the exercise log/diary, which keeps a running tally of how many calories you’ve burned for the entire week. Very motivating!

  5. Thanks Maggie! I’ve been going back and forth all day and was leaning towards the F6.. and along with your comments I can’t seem to justify the extra expense for one or two extra features that I probably won’t use either. I’m not much of a runner.. in fact I HATE it.. so I’m not too worried about the stop watch.. I’ve got a separate timer if need be. Thanks for your help!!

  6. Thanks for the info. Maggie. Now all I need is a little more time on my hands to do some more research and knowledge farming…. okay, a lot more time.

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