Rune Factory and a Break from Turbulence Training

I’m still here, though I was away from the computer most of this weekend thanks to my newfound addiction to the Nintendo DS game, Rune Factory. Honestly, who would have guessed that a farming simulation melded with a dungeon-crawling roleplaying game would be so hard to put down? I didn’t get any laundry done this weekend, but lil’ Magnus, my farmer/soldier character, is already level 50 with an upgraded house, big double bed, the expanded kitchen, forge, pharmacy, monster barn and craft areas, over 2 million gold pieces in the bank, and two of the ten eligible bachelorettes in town in love with him.

Yeah, I played a LOT this weekend.

I have given up on the TT bodyweight training for now. I wasn’t feeling challenged enough working out at home without weights, and I absolutely MUST have the rush of being (or trying to be) the most hardcore chick in the gym in the mornings to keep me going. It’s no fun at all to compete against myself in solitude. I get spurred on to lift more, pedal harder, and run faster when I’m at the gym surrounded by other people, whether they are slacking or pushing their own boundaries. In my makeshift home workout area, I just don’t have that same drive. Ever since I was a wee lass in pigtails with crappy English I always set myself up in imaginary competition with the other people in my classes, and it appears that I have not changed.

Props to all of you who can keep the fire burning under your butts while working out at home. You are all built of stronger mental stuff than me.

I’ve switched back to the program I was following with trainer Kim Oddo early last year for a change from almost a year of Turbulence Training. I haven’t done muscle group splits in ages, so I think this will break me out of my rut and force some adaptation in my muscles.

Meanwhile, my husband has finally committed to a steady workout regimen of his own. He started my P90X program this morning after discussing it with me yesterday when I mentioned that I was either going to pick up Kim’s program again or do a full 12 weeks of P90X classic. Chris confessed that he was feeling sort of fluffy these days, and wouldn’t mind giving the P90X a shot at home, so I graciously allowed him first crack at it. (We only have one set of adjustable dbells and one chin up bar, which meant that we couldn’t really do the program at the same time. Both of us want to get our workouts out of the way before work each day, so he gets the living room for P90X, and I get to motor out to the gym for my gym-style workouts.)

He even set his alarm and dragged himself out of bed an hour earlier than usual to fit in the workout. P90X kicks off with a very rough 60 minute Chest and Back workout, and let’s just say that Mr. “Martial arts is all I need to do to develop internal and external strength” reached muscle failure halfway through the DVD on the first set of diamond push ups. An hour of alternating pull ups and push ups tend to do that to you when the heaviest thing you lift in your regular workout is an aluminum practice sword.

I fully expect him to be moaning about DOMS by 9 pm tonight. I told him I did more push ups than he did when I first started the program 2 years ago, too. That should fire him up. 😉

One thought on “Rune Factory and a Break from Turbulence Training

  1. Maggie,
    Glad to see you are blogging again. I have to admit that I have become sort of addicted to your blogs and I look forward to them. I have begun the process of learning how to etc. about blogging as I am new to this sort of thing… and intend to start my own blog to post my P90X progess etc.

    Chris does martial arts? How kewl. So do I and my brothers (my brothers live north of Orlando in the Mount Dora/Eustis area). In fact, one of my brothers intends to open his own dojo in the near future and is trying to entice me to join him. He has favored hard styles for many years where as I favored the soft styles… together we make quite the dynamic duo! The third brother is still up and coming in martial arts, but he has the bigger heart of us all.

    So, does Chris have his own blog? Does he post his P90X journey? I won’t actually start mine till I get to CA in the next two weeks, but perhaps he and I could motivate each other etc. (although if I had a girlfriend/wife such as yourself, I’m sure I would be plenty motivated). I do have several female friends that I direct to your blog… and hope to encourage to participate in the P90X challenge with me… but I don’t think any of them can do more push ups than me… at least for the time being.

    Sooooo, I have decided enough with the safe, well thought out process of change… and decided to do what I do best… sink or swim! Leap of faith and all that jazz! Resigned from the S.O. put my house on the market… and… YIKES! I just did what? OMG! Actually, I am single, no kids, no family here… and my best friend/K9 just passed away… so nothing keeping me here in Columbia, SC!

    Oops, I reckon I did go on a bit. BTW, you and my brothers would have a lot in common with role playing gaming etc. In fact, the youngest brother, the one with the big heart I mentioned above… he is curious about how to do what you do for a living… or how to become a game tester. He is very good at gaming… and occasionally talks me into a game and even lets me win a few rounds… then he proceeds to destroy me at every opportunity.
    Any suggestions or advice for my brother?

    Cheers to you and Chris! And Chris… just keep pushing play! (yeah, easy for me to say right?! I don’t start for a week or two… but then I am sure I’ll feel your pain when the time comes). :em69:

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