9/10/07 Log

Well, this weekend was all right for food, but I found myself so crippled by the DOMS (possible pulled calf muscle) in my right leg that walking normally wasn’t even possible let alone doing any sort of cardio or yoga. I tried to get into downward dog pose to stretch out the calf muscle and simply could not bend my foot beyond the standing 90 degree angle. I’m hardcore, but I’m not stupid, so I let my calf rest and just plied it with a deep massager and stretched it using a yoga strap while reading two Regency novels by my favorite romance author Loretta Chase.

Chris and I had a cheat meal together at the local Kobe Japanese steak house for a friend’s birthday Saturday night. I was good and ordered the tofu dinner combo and took half of my food home. Alas, my stomach still gurgled for several hours afterwards due to all of the butter the chef used on everything, just like it does when I give in to stupid temptation and order pancakes at any greasy spoon or diner. I’m ordering the sushi next time.

I’m happy to report that my DH is STILL doing his P90X workouts, and lo and behold, I swear I can already see some changes in his upper body–a little less belly, a little more chest and arms. He did chest/back again today at home while I knocked out back/abs and cardio at the gym. I raised my weights in both the wide-grip pulldown and BB row this morning just because I knew he’d have the advantage of being a complete newbie to strength training and would get very rapid, dramatic results even while eating a bit sloppily. I’ve been working out too long now to get that sort of change, so my weapons are progressive increases in resistance and interval difficulty and stringent consistency in my workouts and meals.

I had to cut my cardio session short this morning, so I’ll be trucking it back to the gym after work tonight to get in my full elliptical time along with all of the other after-work gym mob. I don’t mind doing mindless cardio at night (especially if CSI is playing on one of the TV sets), but yeesh, there’s no getting near a bench or strength-training machine after 5 pm due to the huge crowd of dillydallying 16-30 year old guys in the gym.

– Back and Abs (45 min)
– Elliptical (15 min @ level 6-8)
– Walk (15 min)
– Elliptical (30 min @ level 7 — PM)

One thought on “9/10/07 Log

  1. Sorry to hear about the cramp, those can be painful. Try 400 mg of magnesium. This is a great muscle relaxant, natural sedative, good for the heart and all-round plain good for you. A lot of people are magnesium deficient and it won’t hurt at any rate. Cheers

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