Halloween Just Took Care Of Itself

I was somewhat appalled yet oddly amused to learn that one of the characters in the low-rent ping pong comedy Balls of Fury is named Maggie Wong.

Amazingly enough, this may solve my Halloween costume dilemma for this year. I had been worried about how I could scrounge up a costume without buying any fabric, notions, patterns, or clothing items, but it just so happens that I already have a red satin and gold brocade qipao gown from my wedding and a long black wig which has seen service for two Halloweens already. All I would need to obtain is red lipstick, some gold-tone gauntlets, a ping pong paddle, and a ball from under the couch (the joy of cat ownership!).

The only roadblock I can foresee is the 10 lbs of fat and 30 lbs of muscle I’d have to lose in order to look as twiggy as Ms. Maggie Q in this photo:

Maggie Q as Maggie Wong in Balls of Fury


Since I’m not willing to go anorexic just for a Halloween costume, I guess I’ll just have to settle for being a buffer, mutant knockoff.

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