9/13/07 Log

I’m lagging on my planned cardio this week (I’m short 60 minutes so far) even though I’ve hit all of my strength workouts. I won’t make any excuses–it’s my own fault for not managing my (bed) time better. This is clearly an area on which I need to improve during the next 12 weeks.

I have sketch group tonight, but if I sneak into the mini-gym at my old apartment complex I should be able to do that hour of make-up cardio right after work and be only 15 minutes late for the drawing session. I’ll be stinky and very likely giving off puffs of steam, unfortunately, but I can always sit by myself, eh?


I must discourage you all from doing the following sequence of workouts all within a 24-hour period: 60 minutes of Forza samurai sword drills, 45 minutes of shoulders and abs, and 45 minutes of chest and arms. My fasted chest/arms workout this morning was tougher than it should have been even though I used less weight in certain exercises than I did last week because my upper body was just plain tuckered out already from yesterday’s workouts. I probably won’t be able to lift my arms without wincing by tonight.

I am so glad I am down to lower body resistance work and cardio until Monday. My right calf DOMS from last Wednesday’s workout is 100% healed now after a week of rest and stretching, so I should be good to do the remaining workouts for this week and to start my full running schedule next week.

DH didn’t do his Yoga X this morning, but he’s working from the home office today and plans to get it in during his lunch break and right before his martial arts lesson tonight. He did get his Shoulders/Arms workout done last night, however, so he’s still on the P90X wagon. He has bowed out of joining me on the 2-miler in October; the guy is just not a fan of running.

I’ll have to visit the grocery store after my lunch walk to pick up some emergency protein and some veggies. I didn’t bring my lunch bag with me today and only have oatmeal, raisins, peanut butter, unsalted rice cakes, coffee, and corn tortillas here at work which, while certainly qualifying as food, is just a wee bit heavy on the carbohydrate side.

– Chest and Arms (45 min)
– Bike Sprints (30 min)
– Run (30 min)

One thought on “9/13/07 Log

  1. Sleep is my biggest challenge of P90X. Like you, I’m trying to fit in some extra stuff in the day. Today, I’m feeling it in the glutes. I did Legs and Back yesterday and then did some squats and stiff-leg deadlifts when I got home from work last night. I can feel it all this morning.

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