9/19/07 Log

I think I’ve finally dropped down to pre-bloat weight levels this morning. I was 141.1 lbs pre-workout, which is where I expected to be this Monday instead of the 142.x that appeared on the scale. Oh well. Onward and downward, right?

After a good night’s sleep I drove to the gym and knocked out 30 minutes of intervals on the upright bike and 30 minutes of steady-state on the recumbent bike while reading the November issue of Oxygen for motivation. There is a recipe for jerk-seasoned sweet potato chips in the issue that I am determined to try this week. I’ll post it if it turns out well.

The loss of a pint of blood (I donated again yesterday–lots of coupons and goodies were being handed out, though I gave away the chocolate chip cookies to a co-worker. I am up to 2 gallons, 4 pints as of yesterday’s donation.) doesn’t seem to be affecting me too much today, but I’ll make sure to keep on top of my fluid consumption (already up to 6 cups today) and get plenty of rest to avoid coming down with another summer cold while I’m temporarily short on white blood cells.

Not related to the blood donation, but I have to confess that yesterday’s lower body workout with my 3 posterior chain exercise substitutions is already causing me some major DOMS in my hamstrings and glutes, woohoo! I need to work on those two areas (my quads and calves are already well-developed enough), so I view the soreness as a good sign that I targeted the right muscles with my modified workout.

I am definitely booking local photographer Lori Barbely to take some Trash the Dress photos of me and Chris in mid-November. Putting down the $50 deposit out of my very limited fun money account for the session should help keep me motivated to see my program through.

Luckily, I only paid $99 for my wedding gown, so getting it wet and dirty really won’t bother me that much. If it is salvageable via dry cleaning afterwards, I plan to donate it to charity. We are planning to do the session at Wekiwa Springs State Park, the same location where Chris proposed to me last October.

Chris continues to plug away at P90X, though he missed Monday’s workout and is therefore pushing the workouts down by one day. He did Chest/Back again yesterday and is seeing some improvement in the number of full pull-ups and chins he can do before having to resort to the assisted chair method. I’m not sure if he got Plyo X done this morning since he was already out of the house when I returned from the gym, but I will prod him subtly about it later today.

On the financial front, I submitted my corrected W-4 to our administrative office Monday and am looking forward to seeing some extra money in my weekly paycheck within a week or two. As soon as it starts to show up, I’ll set up an automatic payment into the HELOC to start paying off that A/C. I also applied for the American Express Blue Cash credit card and will be gauging whether I really want the 5% cashback bonus enough to charge up a cumulative $16,000 worth of merchandise and services over 12 months (paid off in full each month, of course) in order to meet the threshold for the higher bonus rate. Since I don’t actually buy that much stuff, especially big-ticket, frivolous stuff, I’d have to put every household bill besides the mortgage on the card to reach $16k.

Decisions, decisions….

Monday 9/17
– Back/Abs
– Elliptical (30 min)

Tuesday 9/18
– Legs
– Treadmill Run/Walk (30 min)

Wednesday 9/19
– Upright stationary bike intervals (30 min)
– Recumbent bike steady-state (30 min)

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