9/20/07 Log

Yesterday’s final meal went well, and I stayed within my 1600 calorie cap for the day even with the bit of lo mein and the fortune cookie at dinner instead of the pear I had packed. (There goes my non-Saturday cheat item for the week!) I got home late, but still squeezed in a bit of sewing by fusing some interfacing onto the waist band of some cute Burda 8513 pants I am making for myself this weekend. Don’t worry, I’m not doing the lace or patchwork stuff.

I almost took a nap during lunch because I got to bed a bit late and was half an hour short on sleep this A.M. when I dragged myself to the gym for shoulders/abs and my 15/15 run/walk. I raised most of my weights again for this workout, which puts me at nearly my pre-slack off strength levels for this workout program, though not as high as my TT numbers since TT had lower rep ranges. I’ve been following the workouts for 3 weeks now, but I think I will be swapping out exercises after next week to prevent too much adaptation (and boredom). Another stab at the TT Hardcore Fat Loss manual, the TT Unilateral Fat Loss program or just straight one-for-one exercise substitutions might be in order at that point.

I used the free Cardio Coach V.6 MP3 download for my run/walk cardio. Once again I was surprised at how much faster the 30 minutes passed with the help of the program. My posterior chain muscles still complained, but I got up to a decent 9 mph dash in the sprint portions without killing myself, so I count it as a success. One more run on Sunday and week 1 of the Runner’s World beginner’s 5k plan will be under my belt. I just hope my hamstrings are back to 100% functionality by then!

DH got up and did his Shoulders/Arms P90X session today. He still hasn’t braved the Ab Ripper X workout (he seems to have some sort of irrational fear about performing it), but maybe I can get him to try it with me this weekend. We talked about morning workouts over breakfast this morning. When I said that I liked the feeling of having my exercise DONE for the day vs. dreading having to do it after work, he agreed and said he was actually not looking forward to his 2 hour martial arts practice tonight since he’d already exhausted his arms this morning and jumped around for an hour last night with Plyo X. Chris is by no means a morning person — I secretly suspect that his body actually fuses itself to the bed in a strange symbiotic relationship at night — but he seems to be adapting to and enjoying his A.M. P90X sessions so far.

Sketch group is tonight, but I am working late again until 9 pm, so we’ll see how it goes. I could still get in about 90 minutes of drawing before the B&N closes.

In case anyone is morbidly curious, here is a sample day of this week’s menu. It’s not perfectly clean, but it is sustainable, limits my cravings for salty/sweet/crunchy stuff, and fits my desired nutrition stats. I put the evil boxed cereal loaded with sugar-encrusted raisins in my PWO window to minimize the damage, heh…

M1: 80 g Albertson’s Raisin Bran cereal, 3 egg whites
M2: 1 small banana, 1 plum
M3: 3-4 oz. grilled, seasoned chicken breast, 1 c. peas, 1 c. veggie mix, 1 T. Szechuan hot chili sauce
M4: 1 T. ANPB, 1 apple or pear
M5: 4 oz. grilled, seasoned chicken breast, 4 c. mixed salad, 2 T. light dressing, 2 corn tortillas
M6: 1 c. light soy milk, 3/4 scoop vanilla Dymatize Elite protein, 1 T. cocoa powder, 1/2 oz. nuts

I’m easily chugging 4 cups of water before I even have breakfast, another 2-3 with breakfast, and then I down about four 3-cup servings of green tea at work throughout the rest of the day.

It’s still early days right now, but I am feeling leaner already.

– Shoulders/Abs (55 min)
– Cardio Coach v. 6 Interval Run (30 min)
– Walk (15 min)

3 thoughts on “9/20/07 Log

  1. I am entertained and inspired by your blog. I really enjoy reading it and have found some great websites through your recommendations. I was really interested in your cheapass grocery list for your bfl challenge. Do you remember what some of your typical day’s menus looked like from then?

  2. Bev – I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

    Rhonda – You have to have a high tolerance for repetition in your meals to follow my Cheapass Challenge menu. Here’s a sample day:

    M1: 60 g oatmeal and raisins, 3 egg whites
    M2: 1 small banana, 1 scoop protein
    M3: 3 oz. chicken breast, 1 c. frozen veggies, 1/3 c. oatmeal
    M4: 2 unsalted rice cakes or an apple, 1 T. all natural peanut butter
    M5: 3 oz. chicken breast, 2 corn tortillas or small fruit, 2-3 cups salad, 2 T. light dressing (under 50 cals/2 T. serving)
    M6: Protein shake

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