How to build an effective training program for a female

…the first thing you have to understand is that there are only a few things you can do to change the way you look. The word “tone” does not exist. It is not a reality and there is no definition for it. You can only make a muscle bigger or make it smaller. The same can be said for fat cells; you can make them bigger or you can make them smaller. That’s it. You can’t shape or elongate or tone a muscle or anything like that. So basically what every female should be aiming to do is build muscle and lose fat. While the phrase “build muscle” scares some females, it shouldn’t.

The above was from a great article Jason Ferruggia recently posted on effective training programs for females.

Here’s my favorite quote from it:

Females should not be afraid of getting stronger or increasing their training poundages. I never understood why more females didn’t have the desire to get stronger. What could be a better feeling than looking sexy and feminine yet being incredibly strong?

Check out the full article for some no-BS tips and principles to take to heart when planning your own program or one for a female friend, significant other, or relative.

4 thoughts on “How to build an effective training program for a female

  1. Okay, so what are your thoughts about resistance bands, balance balls, and the like… some females like them, most guys I know are skeptical, and I just plain don’t know if they are worth the time and investment. Are there any gains to be had with this sort of stuff or should iron be the only choice?

  2. Thanks for the blog entry….I was LOL, but I learned a lot too, especially since I have been making a few of the mistakes. I have bookmarked his blog as well.

  3. BB – I do keep a balance ball around for ab work, bodyweight leg curls and bridges (used in many Turbulence Training workouts), push-ups, and such. Resistance bands I really only use when traveling or at the office. Of the two gadgets, I’d opt for the ball if you already have free weights. Bands are better than soup cans, 3 lb paperweight dumbbells, and nothing, though, when it comes to getting gun-shy females to start resistance training.

  4. Thanks, that was hilarious. I was pretty shocked to read that he thought females should train more often and with more sets, because I have always thought females should train more like hard-gainer males and rest/recover more.

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