9/21/07 Log

I had to get to work a little earlier than usual this morning, so I opted to postpone my 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer until Saturday. My chest and arms workout was fabulous, however. My arms still feel jittery two hours later.

I mixed up some Korean BBQ burger mush for Chris to grill up into edible patties for tonight’s bring-your-own-dinner Chinese Brush Painting date night at the city Art House. The recipe was from Cooking Light. If they are decent I’ll post the recipe tomorrow in the Booty Kickers’ recipes forum.

Weight is slightly up today to 142.6, but body fat is down almost 1% since Sunday according to both the Tanita scale and the Omron. I have less tummy poof now, too, and my deltoids are coming back into view. I’m pretty happy with my current plan and progress overall. I would like to see 140.0 by this Monday’s weigh-in, so I’ll be watching my portions carefully this weekend and ensuring that I keep up with my water intake.

I have about 4 more weeks before the 2-miler, and I am determined to run it at under 137 pounds. From personal experience, I know it is unlikely that I’ll be able to beat my old Army best time if I’m much over that weight. Speed is definitely inversely related to body weight for me when it comes to running.

– Chest/Arms (50 min)
– Walk (15 min)

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