9/24/07 Log

I got in my back/abs/elliptical workout this morning at the gym, raising my weights again in most exercises. My body fat readings were 20.0% (down from 22% at the beginning of the challenge) on the Omron handheld body fat analyzer and 26.6% (down from 28.4%) on the Tanita body fat scale, and I am once again using the smallest belt loop on my favorite belt. Caliper skinfolds, circumference measurements, and body fat calculations have probably gone down as well, but I didn’t have time to do those this morning. Food is on track through meal 2 so far, and I have only 8 more cups of water to go to hit my one gallon goal today.

DH had to make up a missed Legs/Back P90X session this morning, but he got it done. He starts recovery week this week which is mostly yoga, core, and cardio. He still hasn’t done the Ab Ripper X workout, LOL.

I am going to try to bike to the gym each morning starting instead of driving the 1.75 miles through mostly residential streets. I’ll check out DH’s mountain bike (formerly mine, but the frame was always a bit too large for my stumpy legs) tonight and see if the seat height is low enough for me to use it. I considered running to the gym, but it’s still way too hot, and I think my lifting workouts would suffer since running outdoors for even 15-20 minutes wipes me out. Maybe in the winter…

Tip: DH and I have begun to track our workouts on the kitchen fridge with printed calendars that show our planned workouts for each week. Every time we complete a workout, we put a foil sticker star on the appropriate calendar block. It’s a nice way to visually reinforce our commitments to our exercise programs and get in a bit of friendly competition. It’s also the easiest way for me to keep up with my 100% exercise attendance goal for this challenge. I use a print out of my Google Calendar training schedule for this. You could also combine this with the Precision Nutrition-style 90% compliance grid for food if you are going that route, too.

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