9/25/07 Log

I overslept this morning so I opted to just do my cardio workout–15 minute run and 25 minute incline walk (10 minutes more than planned). It was much easier running indoors than outdoors. I will get legs done tonight. If the gym is too full, I have enough equipment at home to get a decent lower body session done if I sub BB squat variations using my Powerblocks and BB adapter for the usual leg presses and extensions in my routine.

Two more weeks of late nights at work to go and four more until my 2-miler!

I debloated by 3 lbs since yesterday morning, too, which is always a nice feeling. I will take actual measurements and pics tomorrow when the last of the bloat should be gone.

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, I have written the first two parts of my Fitness on a Budget article series:

* Part 1: The Poor Man’s (or Woman’s) Precision Nutrition Plan
* Part 2: DIY, Nearly Free, No Gym Required Workout Plans

Once I have completed the Mega Challenge on Dec. 31, I am thinking about organizing a 12-week, New Year’s Fit and Frugal challenge/experiment with my blog readers who want to get fit without spending more than $25/week on food and exercise using only the programs and nutrition guidance in the FoaB article series. I figure that if everyone participating puts the difference between their current weekly food spending (including dining out) and what they would spend on healthy (but inexpensive!) foods into a new ING Direct savings account for the full 12 weeks, almost everybody would have at least $120 saved by the end of March to buy themselves a reward. More on this soon!

– 15 minute run (5.5-7.0 mph)
– 25 minute incline walk (5% incline, 3.5 mph)
– 10 minute jog/walk during lunch
– Lower body workout (planned for tonight)

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