9/26/07 Log

I took my big cheat meal last night when I went over to my parents’ house for dinner. I had to drop off a copy of my U.S. passport and some new (bad, no make-up, tired after 8 hours at the office) passport pics so they could renew my Taiwanese passport. I didn’t even realize I had one, but apparently I am still a dual citizen of Taiwan and the U.S. since my parents have kept my Taiwanese passport current since we moved to the States in 1976. Go figure.

Anyhow, Dad had cooked up some delicious spaghetti and meatballs, and let’s just say that I didn’t say no. Seriously, Daddy Wang’s cooking is not to be turned down. DH was aggrieved at me because I didn’t bring any back for him. 😉

Doing squats with a tummy full of meatballs, pasta, and half a Chinese moon cake just didn’t seem like a good idea, so I opted to hang out with my parents for a bit, then headed home for some Rune Factory before bed.

I had a great lower body workout followed by 30 minutes of bike sprints this morning as a result of that meal, though. It’s amazing how much better my system performs athletically on carbs. I swapped out more exercises from Kim’s original set to focus more on posterior chain work and large, compound movements more in line with Turbulence Training. Objectively speaking, at this point I don’t need to bulk up my quadriceps or calves anymore, but I’ve always felt that my hamstrings and glutes needed some work, so I’ll be doing the following leg workouts for the next 4 weeks at least:

1A) Leg press (3 x 20 @ 270 lbs) or BB Squat (3 x 20 @ 95 lbs)
1B) Hyperextensions w/1 second hold (3 x 20)
1C) Tricep/Military Push-Ups (3 x 15; final set to failure)
2A) Stiff-leg Deadlift (3 x 15 @ 95 lbs)
2B) Seated Leg Curl (3 x 15 @ 90 lbs) or Stability Ball Leg Curl (3 x 15)
2C) Wide Push-Ups (3 x 20; final set to failure)

(Today’s weights were included above for reference, but those will increase over time.)

I still need to do the remaining 30 minutes of planned recumbent bike tonight or sub some other form of cardio for it. I’ve been missing the Yourself Fitness workouts these past few weeks, so I may do YF Cardio instead of the bike if the living room is free when I get home. Puttering around on a recumbent bike never seems to burn many calories anyway.

It’s probably just as well that I got my weekly cheat meal in early. That will give me four full days of clean eating before my 2 week weigh-in.

Weight is temporarily up to 144.4 this morning with a Tanita BF% of 26.1% and an Omron of 20.1%. One of the good male trainers at the gym (the one that has clients that actually look fit and work hard) told me I was making good progress, however, so *SNAP* to the scale. As long as I can see two vertical ab lines, faint deltoids, and emerging triceps again, the scale can display whatever it wants in the morning.

Chris’s P90X schedule called for Kenpo X or his own martial arts workout this morning. He opted to do his own MA training for 45 minutes, which, when combined with last night’s MA lesson he taught at the school, brings his effective practice time up to double his normal weekly amount.

– Lower Body
– Upright stationary bike sprint intervals (30 min)
– Outdoor Walk (15 min)
– Recumbent bike or YF Cardio (30 min – Planned)

3 thoughts on “9/26/07 Log

  1. Hhmm… spag and meatballs hhmm… … my son filled up on moon cake last night at por’por ‘s place last night. They are pretty tasty, I have to admit.

  2. Maggie, Just so that I can keep up with some of the folks that you allude too… who is DH? Is that Dear Hubbie?

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