9/27/07 Log

Yesterday, I got home with the full intention of slamming down my soy milk/protein powder cocoa shake and nuts and going to bed, but I had two servings of cereal (Raisin Bran and Honey Bunches of Oats) with a dash of soy milk instead! I’m estimating around 400 calories, or 200 more than what I’d planned for meal 6.

Someone give me a well-deserved kick in the butt for that, please. I am counting that as my cheat item of the week, but I should have had just one serving, not two in order to stay under my 1600 calorie cap for the day.

Weight was up to 145.0 this morning from the carb load, but BF% remained the same, so whooptiedoo, I guess. I’ll get rid of the water weight today by chugging water and tea like crazy and staying away from salt and cereal. An extra lap around the office complex during my walk (or another round of the stair interval challenge from Pink Dumbbells) and 30-45 minutes of YF tonight should take care of the rest.

Shoulders and abs went very well today, and not surprisingly after all those late night carbs, so did my 20 minute training run. I jogged at an easy 5.8-6.2 mph at 1.0% incline for the entire run without ever really breathing hard. Seriously, I was almost chilling. If I can get up to 6.8 mph at a flat 0% incline and still feel like this, that 2 miler will be a breeze.

Chris bailed out on his scheduled X-Stretch workout this morning because (ahem) he says he is going to martial arts tonight and will do some stretching there. Pshaw. No blue foil star for him today!

Finally, those of you who are interested in joining us on the 2008 Pink Dumbbells/John Stone Fitness cruise should take a look at the JSF cruise thread (or the Pink Dumbbells one if you are a member of that forum) when you have a chance. It looks like the JSF folks are mostly on board with the cruise idea, and I’ve posted some possible sailings and price info today.

Oh yeah… didn’t I mention it before?

There are plans afoot to organize a short 4 day/3 night cruise to the Bahamas or Western Caribbean (Friday afternoon – Monday morning) from Tampa or Port Canaveral, Florida in 2008 for all of the fitness-minded members of the Pink Dumbbells and John Stone Fitness forums who’d like to finally meet in person, eat a bunch of unauthorized foods and drinks together, participate in some fitness/nutrition round table discussions, go on some active excursions, take over the on-board gym, and generally have a great time with like-minded people who won’t make fun of them for wanting all of their sauces and dressings on the side. Yes, I know there is a Body for Life cruise every year, but let’s face it, not everyone who works out and lists chicken breast as its own food group is a BFLer, so this is a stress-free mini-vacation for the rest of us.

Check your calendars, start saving up some money, and take a look at the cruise discussions at JSF or PDB if you are interested! We are looking at May-August 2008 dates at the moment with price ranges from $269-$369 per person.

+ Shoulders and abs
+ Run (20 minutes / 5.8-6.2 mph / 1.0% incline)
+ Walk (25 minutes)
– YF Cardio (30 minutes – make up session)

3 thoughts on “9/27/07 Log

  1. cereal does it to me every single time. every single time. like nothing else. and i don’t know what it is about raisin bran in particular…the nourishing crunchy flakes, the candy-like chewy raisins.
    i feel you.
    i wouldn’t even have cereal in the apartment but my husband lives off of it.
    usually, i don’t get to the point of pouring a bowl out…it’s more like renegade numerous small hand-fulls before and after work. sigh….

  2. it’s more like renegade numerous small hand-fulls before and after work. sigh….

    Haha….been there, guilty of that, too! :em44:

    Raisin Bran is THE worst for me. In reality, I just love the contrast of textures and combination of flavors, but I try to rationalize :em70: by telling myself that I’m eating it for the fiber and fruit.

    Ah, self-deception!

  3. yeah…it’s one of those borderline foods. cleanish, i call it. like, you could legitimately eat it at certain times of the day (like after a work out), and it would be A+ nutrition…but timing and PORTION is everything.
    after years of eating well, i don’t stumble over the hardcore junkfood. chips, candy, etc. doesn’t honestly tempt me very much. but cleanish foods on the other hand…

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