9/28/07 Log

I did a 45 minute YF cardio/flexibility session last night to make up for the missed recumbent bike cardio from Wednesday and to keep my hamstrings from tightening up after Thursday morning’s incline run. I could feel them beginning to stiffen by 8 PM, so I figured some pre-emptive yoga was in order.

This morning I was a bit late getting up, so I only did chest and arms at home and will have to squeeze in elliptical time tomorrow at the gym. I may do Forza there using the MP3 audio I recorded from the DVD workout now that I am more familiar with the moves. I’m not sure how the gym attendants will deal with a patron performing samurai sword drills in the middle of the lifting floor, but maybe I can find a quiet corner with enough space.

Weight is down 2+ pounds today after a day of clean eats and all of the water I chugged yesterday, and I am going to be 100% compliant to my nutrition plan for the rest of the weekend to make sure my measurements and weigh-in are accurate. I don’t have any cheats left for the week, so the next 2 days will consist of:

– 1400-1600 calories/day
– 3 fruits/3 veggies daily
– NO processed foods of any kind, including microwave popcorn, desserts, boxed cereal or any of the many borderline “cleanish” foods like granola bars and rice cakes that tempt me on the weekends.
– 1 gallon of water daily

Weekend Menu:
M1: 3 egg whites, 1/2 c. cooked spinach, 60 g oats and raisins
M2: Banana oatmeal protein pancakes
M3: Chicken vegetable curry with quinoa
M4: Pineapple protein smoothie
M5: 4 egg white/2 whole egg omelette with 1 c. vegetables
M6: 1 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop protein, 0.5 oz. walnuts, 1 T. cocoa

Chris did not do his Core Synergistics workout this morning either…this may be the beginning of the end of his P90X adventure. 😛 I do remember not liking the program’s “recovery week” when I was doing it myself, though, so perhaps he will be back on the wagon on Monday when the workouts switch back to strength / cardio / flexibility again.

In sewing/DIY news, I finally finished the slate blue/black herringbone weave Burda 8513 pants I cut out around 2 months ago using only stuff I had in my stash. So yay! New, “free” pants!

– Chest/Arms
– Walk (15 min)

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