9/29/07 Log

Well, last night was probably a cheat meal for me even though I ended the day within my 1600 calorie target. Chris and I decided to go out for dinner using one of the rapidly expiring Entertainment 2007 coupons we had on hand instead of wasting $25 or more on an evening at the movies, especially since I have zero interest in anything out right now. We wound up at High Tide Harry’s, a great seafood place a few miles from our house. I ordered blackened scallops with a side salad (drizzled with yummy roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette dressing) and garlic mashed potatoes, and DH had the crab-stuffed flounder with salad and a baked potato. And we both had three of the (sigh…) deep-fried hush puppies with cinnamon butter.

I cannot tell a lie. It was deeeeeeeeeelicious.

I think I would have been in the 141-142 range this morning had it not been for that meal, but overall the damage wasn’t bad. I was down 0.3 lbs from Friday to an even 143.0 this morning.

Eats are right on plan so far, and water consumption is good. I had an early hair cut appointment this morning, so Forza will be happening after meal 3. I’m going to take full measurements–including skinfolds–as well as photos tomorrow to see where I’m at progress-wise, but despite the lack of scale movement, I can see and feel results already. I’m pretty sure my tricep and suprailiac skinfolds will be down, and the muscles are all firming up nicely. I’m estimating that it will be week 6 or so (or the end of the eDiets Ultimate Challenge 96) before the internal fluff melts away completely and the subcutaneous stuff starts to shift.

Hope you are all having a great Saturday! Don’t let the weekend reverse all of your hard work during the week. PLAN your meals AND water NOW if you haven’t already, and STICK TO THE PLAN.

Only 8 more weeks until Turkey Day! Who wants to impress the heck out of all of their relatives with how much fat they’ve burned off by then?

I know I do!

– YF Core (30 min)
– Forza (60 min)
– Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance (30 min)

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