10/4/07 Log: Pie Day!

It’s Pie Day at work! This is my authorized cheat item for the week, but I have a plan for all of the pie wedges I plan to collect today. I will choose one to eat today as my cheat, then wrap and freeze the others so I can have a yummy dessert once a week for the next 4-6 weeks.


On a less frivolous note, I am down to 140.4 lbs/25.7% bf (Tanita) this morning. The scale weight AND the body fat % reading both keep heading down, so I can’t complain. I cracked open Diet Power 4.4 last night for the first time since April and logged my meals for yesterday. Yesterday was a pretty typical clean and not-hungry day for me, and the total came out to around 1700 calories. This is on the high end of my non-cheat meal range, but I won’t tweak it unless I stop losing fat.

I have completed my shoulders/abs and 25 min. run/5 min incline walk cardio already. The HIIT run was rough after the lifting workout as usual, even though I munched on some of the raisins from my pre-portioned oatmeal/raisin breakfast before heading to the gym. I really must move my runs to non-lifting days before next week now that the run durations are edging closer to 30 minutes. I can’t tell if I’m making progress or not in improving my speed because I am always running when dehydrated, pre-exhausted, fasted, and carb-depleted. It’s a wonder that I finish my running workouts in this state, hehe. Guess I’m pigheaded like that.

Shoulders and abs went well, however, with increased weights on several exercises.

4 cups of water down, 12 to go, and meals have been prepped and packed. Looking forward to the Pie Fest!

– Shoulders/Abs
– HIIT run (25 min)
– Incline walk (5 min)
– Walk (15 min)

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