10/17/07 Log: In Praise of Slow Fat Loss

139.6 lbs this morning again! This may be my new set point, LOL.

What’s really great is having the scale barely move at all but still feeling and seeing your body getting firmer, smaller, and leaner in clothes and photos. Realistically, I know I will need to be in the 130-134 range to achieve my body composition goal of 15% bf, but I would much rather hit goal at a higher scale weight just because that would mean I have more lean mass overall.

I seem to be losing at a very gradual rate of 0.5-0.75 lbs per week during this challenge, but that’s all right. I am eating more than I have in previous cuts (probably between 1600-1700/day, honestly), but they are clean, filling calories from foods I enjoy, so I don’t feel deprived, restricted, or resentful. When I feel like I need extra carbs, I let myself have them while adjusting calories elsewhere to keep my deficit around the same place every day. I don’t use my 5k run training as an excuse to blow my deficit every other day. The Runner’s World beginner’s 5k schedule is NOT that strenuous — Workouts are only 30 minutes long — so there is no justification for more calories.

Confession: I don’t *want* dramatic 2 lb drops every week. I want REAL fat loss with as much lean mass retention as possible, not the instant gratification of “losing” 2 pounds of temporary water weight. This sort of fat loss doesn’t always follow a -1 lb/week schedule, especially when I am already pretty fit beneath these few pounds of post-wedding fluff.

(Mind you, SLOW fat loss is not the same as NO fat loss. If you are stuck at the same scale weight but NOT seeing any reductions in body fat percentage or girth measurements, you need to reassess your program.)

My left knee was feeling a bit odd yesterday before and during my run, so I opted out of the planned morning FGX leg workout today and did 30 minutes of Plyo X instead. With my genetics, even walking, running, and jumping produces hypertrophy in my leg muscles, so I feel that plyometrics is a fair substitute for heavy weight training on occasion. I’ll get in the remaining 30 minutes when I get home tonight.

Breakfast is down the hatch along with 4 cups of water. I’ve got the rest of my meals packed, including a new lunch entree–WW French Toast with scrambled eggs and spinach–that I cannot wait to inhale at 1 pm.

Depending on whether or not I have to work late tonight, I may be having a cheat meal at Crazy Buffet with DH and my parents. We’ll see….

– Plyo X (60 min)
– Walk (15 min)

One thought on “10/17/07 Log: In Praise of Slow Fat Loss

  1. Slow fat loss is without a doubt the way to go. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a ‘macro-cut’, i.e. i become leaner in the long-term (with inevitable peaks and valleys of fat accumulation and loss). I do feel like the overall (or macro) trend is towards the leaner, which is cool.
    I refuse to do restrictive cuts, even for the ‘challenge’, but that’s just because my personality happily and readily transforms temporary diets into disordered trends. I’m sick of justifying/masking disorders with ‘positive’ bodybuilding behaviours.
    I also really relate to your insistence on enjoying food. Hell, yeah. I think that people would find healthy, long-term, maintenance/moderate diets much easier if they learned to LOVE cooking. consistency in workouts and an insane love of food/cooking are the two greatest weapons in my ‘leanness arsenal’, i would say.
    by the way, I’m 5’6″ and maintain 13%-16% bf on around 140 pounds. It’s all in the legs, baby. i refer to them affectionately as ‘the slugs’.

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