10/18/07 Log: You can call me Ms. Spartan, thank you.

139.4 lbs this morning pre-workout. 138 is just around the corner as long as I stick with my workouts and meals. It’s good to be consistently under 140 again after 6 weeks fluctuating between 141-144. (I have a whole calendar month of weigh-ins to prove it, too!) It’s taken a while, but I am definitely in fat-burning mode now.

I am also back in the saddle with my AM workouts today. This morning I did a combo run and pt workout from Military.com:

Spartan Run
1. Run 1 mile
2. 100 pushups in as few sets as possible
3. 100 crunches
4. Run 1 mile
5. 75 pushups in as few sets as possible
6. 75 crunches
7. Run 1 mile
8. 50 pushups in as few sets as possible
9. 50 crunches

It took me 40:18 minutes, including about two minutes of stretching after the first circuit. No breaks otherwise. I averaged 9:30 for the 1-mile runs, so that was where most of the time went.

Last night I used my cheat item slot on M6 at work. I had 4 chicken wings from the Wing Stop take out order at the office as a protein/fat portion with two potato wedges and 2 celery sticks.

Was it worth it?

Hells yeah!

All other meals were as planned.

Speaking of planned meals, I built and printed out a eDiets 1400-1500 Calorie Eating for Life Menu which I aim to try next week. I chose entrees that appealed to me from a taste standpoint and which used seasonings and ingredients that I already have on hand at home. My eDiets plan is set for 1400-1500 calories per day, and the recipes are automatically calibrated to fit into that range. I originally joined eDiets a few years ago when there was a great annual membership deal going on because I wanted access to the recipe generator, but I confess that I haven’t actually used that feature very much. I primarily hang out on the site’s Ultimate Challenge forum where about two dozen teams compete in 3 week long challenges to meet their stated exercise minute and weight loss goals.

I tend to default to my own collection of recipes from about five different healthy cookbooks, but I’m going to give the eDiets meal plan a fair try starting Sunday. You can download the full menu with recipes and a shopping list if you want to play along.

– Spartan Run (40:18 min)
– Walk (15 min)

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